Showing your Awards on your Profile

Showing your Awards on your Profile

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Winning an award or earning your QPIB certification is a big deal. The work you’ve put in to be at the top of your game is recognized, not just by your clients, but by your peers. It’s a great moment. You’ve worked hard to build this respect and trust in the industry and we’d like to help you share it.

Awards and Certifications Feature on Advisr

Adding your awards and certifications to your Advisr profile is quick and easy.

At Advisr our goal is to help businesses connect with great insurance brokers. But how do they know you’re a great match for them?

1. You can tell them – your Advisr profile includes your own description of yourself, you can publish articles you have written that showcase your expertise, and you can nominate categories, industries and specialist services you have experience in.

2. Other businesses can tell them – your Advisr profile includes reviews that people have written about you. You can now respond to those reviews as well which helps potential customers see how you treat clients.

3. Your professional peers can tell them – our newest feature on Advisr allows you to share the awards you have received. These hard-earned badges will appear on your profile for potential customers to see.

It’s important for clients to see not just your own description of yourself but also what those around you say about you. An award is a powerful indicator of ability and respect. Sharing these can make the difference between a potential customer looking elsewhere or reaching out to you.

How do I add my Certifications and Awards to my Advisr Profile?

Adding your certifications and awards to your broker profile is simple.

1. Login to your Advisr Dashboard


2. Head to the Awards tab


3. Click on the Add Awards blue button


4. If you're in a brokerage account you can select whether you want to add your award to your brokerage or select a member of your team.

5. Click on the Awards drop down box and select any certifications or awards you’ve won


6. Or, if your certification or award is not yet included on Advisr, click on the link submit to us your certification or award


7. Add the title, description and an image for the certification or award and click to Submit


6. You'll see your certification or award appear in your Awards table. Once it has been published by our team you can click to instantly share to LinkedIn.



So make sure to add the certification and awards that you or your team have won. Potential customers reach out to brokers with awards.


Start building trust online today.

Advisr does not provide advice and does not hold a financial service license (AFSL). All information above has been provided by Annemarie Jamieson | ADVISR.

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