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    Updated: 2 years ago

    Insurance brokers help businesses and people to understand the risks that they face. They are experts at finding insurance coverage to reduce the economic impact when something goes wrong and a loss event occurs. Insurance brokers work for their clients and not for the insurers who provide the underlying insurance product.

    Updated: 2 years ago

    Advisr connects people with an insurance broker they can trust. Advisr helps you to find an insurance broker who has expertise in the areas you are looking for. With insurance brokers from all over Australia, you can find and connect with an insurance broker that is right for you.

    Updated: 2 years ago

    Insurance provides a guarantee that the impact you face, predominantly financial, during a loss event can be reduced. Some insurance is required by law to operate a business and other insurances are entered into voluntarily to provide cover and reduce the impact that a person or business might experience from potential loss events.

    Updated: 2 years ago

    Insurance brokers operate on behalf of their customers. Insurance brokers understand both the potential risks that an individual or business may face and also the various insurance policy options and insurance providers that exist across the market.

    Insurance brokers can help customers with hard to place risks to find an insurance provider that can meet their needs.

    Updated: 2 years ago

    Insurance Brokers work for the customer and are independent of the insurers that they engage with on behalf of their clients. Insurance Brokers work for their customers and have their customers' best interests at heart. Insurance Brokers do not work for the insurer. Insurance Brokers help their clients to find and source available insurance that matches their needs and requirements.

    Updated: 2 years ago

    Insurance Agents work for the insurance company that they represent. The Insurance Agent is aligned to the insurer whose policies they represent and sell. An Insurance Agent is not independent from the insurance company that they represent.

    Updated: 2 years ago

    Insurance brokers help clients to reduce their risk by sourcing and matching their clients with appropriate insurance products. Insurance brokers work for their customers. Insurance brokers focus on understanding their customers' risks and exposure and their insurance requirements.

    Updated: 2 years ago

    With almost 4000 Australian Insurance Brokers on Advisr, Advisr is the best place to find an insurance broker right for you. Asking for recommendations from others in your industry or area is a good place to start in looking for an insurance broker. You can search for that insurance broker on Advisr by name.

    You can also search for an insurance broker by the type of insurance you need (insurance category), by your industry or by location depending on what is most critical to you. You can learn more about what a broker is like to work with by reading customer reviews left on Advisr. Educating yourself and reading articles by insurance brokers that explain different insurance lines, or dissect exposure to risk in different industries also helps you to find and select an insurance broker that understands your business or personal risk. We have hundreds of articles on Advisr to help you understand your insurance needs and find an insurance broker right for you.

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