Advisr Toolbox Wordpress Plugin

Leverage your individual and team data from Advisr and incorporate customer reviews, staff photos and profiles into your Wordpress website.

Advisr Toolbox - Wordpress Plugin

Imagine if you could get your individual customer reviews and showcase them on your site. When you receive a new customer review on Advisr, these reviews are instantly seen on your website. Individual reviews on your team

Set up About Us Team Pages that showcase your insurance brokers and non-broking staff that is quick to use, simple to install and looks great. Integrate dynamic data from Advisr onto your Simple to install.

Why you'd install the plugin?

Showcase your team, quickly and easily.

Pull in customised insurance broker descriptions, share your team's customer reviews, enable your prospective clients to see and know what working with your team is like.

New customers are actively looking for and have greater levels of trust in reviews left by other customers

Andy Jamieson, Advisr CEO

How to install the Advisr Toolbox plugin?

Great news - installing the plugin is 100% free.

The Advisr Toolbox WordPress plugin is approved and distributed by WordPress, meaning you can add the plugin and get up and running super fast and with really quickly.

What does the Advisr Toolbox enable you to do?