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The best kept SEO secret about duplicate content

Duplicate content. You've heard the term and have been told that it's bad for SEO. So you're steering clear!
But you'd love to see the content you've worked hard on get a bigger audience, to boost your brand awareness online. The outcome you want is for your content to do its job of educating potential customers and sending them your way.
Well here's the secret SEO trick to avoid the pitfalls of duplicate content, while quickly and easily extending the reach of your content: Content Syndication.
What is duplicate content?
Duplicate content is when a piece of content, for example an article on a certain topic or a block of text on a site, appears in multiple places online. When Google indexes a site it will pick up on content that is not substantially different from content it has indexed elsewhere.
What is duplicate content's impact on SEO?
When Google identifies duplicate content it analyses both sites and seeks to prioritise the site it has determined as the original or most authoritative source of the content. In order not to show the same content multiple times in the organic search results Google will prioritise the one site and decrease the search ranking of any other sites showing the duplicate content.
How can I share my articles and get more views, without getting penalised?
Google is smart enough to know that sometimes you will want to put your content on a site that receives a wider audience than yours. Google provides a way for you to share your content that WILL NOT impact the SEO performance of your site, and will in fact IMPROVE the SEO performance of your site. It's called syndicated content.
What is syndicated content? How does syndicated content differ from duplicate content?
Syndicated content is content that is shown in multiple places online, but refers to the original source. Specifically, Google instructs writers syndicating their content online to ensure that all syndicated content includes a link back to the original source. You will have seen this type of link on media platforms and other places online. It is typically something like:
"This article originally appeared on (Original website with link)""This article is published here with permission from (Original website with link)"
This functions as a signal to Google to view the content as syndicated rather than duplicate, and removes the negative impact on your SEO performance.

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How can I use syndicated content to my advantage?
Using syndicated content improves your outcomes for your content and SEO performance in two main ways:
1. reaching a far bigger audience - choosing a platform with high volume, industry specific traffic - for insurance brokers that platform is Advisr, the fastest growing site for insurance brokers
2. creating a highly valuable backlink to my site - backlinks on platforms with high relevance, such as Advisr, are a crucial, and hard to master, aspect of improving SEO performance
What types of content can I syndicate on Advisr?
There are two types of content that we typically syndicate on Advisr.
1. content written by insurance brokers - writing an article about your expertise is a great way to increase your authoritative stance and encourage potential customers to get in touch. This content can be published to your Advisr profile by logging in to your broker dashboard. Let us know if you'd like us to include a content syndication backlink.
2. content supplied by insurance broker networks to their insurance brokers - many networks have banks of content ready for their members to use. We have worked with several networks to syndicate their content on Advisr by publishing to broker profiles.
How much does it cost to syndicate content?
Many publications will request payment if you submit your article for syndication. This is due to the value created by their audience size and the power of a backlink on their site.
The good news for insurance brokers is that syndicating content on Advisr is free for Advisr brokers. You can login to your broker dashboard today to get started.
How do I syndicate my content on Advisr?
To syndicate your content on Advisr the first step is to create or source your content. For some great ideas on how insurance brokers can do that head to this article about the top 3 ways to create great content. Once you have your content, simply login to your broker dashboard, head to the articles tab and create a new article. Let us know if you want a syndication backlink.
Make the most of the content you've written or content available for you to use from your network. With Advisr's 65k visitors last year, all interested in only insurance, your article will get the exposure you'd love for it to have, to an audience that is highly relevant and provide you with improved SEO performance for your own site along the way.
Reach out to for any help.
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Annemarie Jamieson | ADVISR

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