Creating insurance content that ranks in Google

Creating insurance content that ranks in Google

May 14, 2020 Views: 982
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Imagine if thousands of people were reading your blog content? It would feel pretty good and make all that effort to create good content worthwhile right.

Right now, due to the economic shock from Covid-19, people are uneasy about rents. Either being able to pay your rent when it falls due and not defaulting or eager to ensure that rents can be collected and investment mortgages serviced. How do we at Advisr know about an uplift in interest around "rent default", "loss of rent" and "rental loss"? We see it in the increase in people coming to Advisr using those very search terms from Google.

Currently, a post on Advisr is the number 1 search results in Google for the term "rent loss".

Google it yourself if you want or see the results below. 


Rent Default search results in Google May 14th 2020
Advisr post on Rent Default ranks #1 in Google.


Why does this insurance post ranking in Google matter?

Thousands of people are trying to understand how their Landlord Insurance connects in with their rental properties. Now is a time when experts who give value through guidance establish, build and enrich relationships. This post is enabling a broker, Megan Henry, to reach new customers in an insurance line where she has expertise.

Ranking high in Google for key terms is the key way to build your business.


How did this post rank so well?

This post is very specific. It aims to do one thing and one thing only. The sole focus of this article is to educate customers on the differences between "Loss of Rent" and "Rent Default". This focus enables the post to be highly relevant to the audiences who are searching for information and thus Google rank it exceptionally well.

Also, this post contains focused and deep content. It is a good answer to the question that a customer is asking. It is useful. 

Placing this content on Advisr is the real rocket fuel to your great insurance content. You will get more value from your content by posting it on Advisr. 

Rent Default
Read more of Megan's post



What should you do to get your content to rank high in Google?

  1. Create posts that answer customers questions:
    Make posts specific and something that is targeted to more specific phrases. Targeting more specific terms can even make the process of creating insurance content easier for you. Need more help, here are 5 content marketing ideas for insurance brokers.

  2. Make your posts good:
    Good content is hard to create but ultimately provides more long-term value. You get out what you put in. It is worth considering if this is a customers first experience of you, how you'd like them to perceive you. 

  3. Post your content on Advisr:
    Advisr is a resource for you. Posting content is easy and builds your audience quickly. If you need assistance, please contact Advisr Support.


How to post content on Advisr?

Posting content on Advisr is now easier than ever. You can do it on your own or for your brokerage.

Login to your Advisr Dashboard, go to Post Article and start creating your next great post.

Also, you can always edit and update a post at any time once live to fix up any mistakes you might make. 


Can Advisr help me create great content?

Yes, if creating content just feels all too hard. Get in touch with the Advisr team and we can discuss packages to meet your requirements. 



Advisr does not provide advice and does not hold a financial service license (AFSL). All information above has been provided by Andy Jamieson.

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