How to add Google Reviews to your Advisr Brokerage Profile

Adding Google My Business reviews to your Advisr Brokerage Profile is now possible. It is quick and easy to do. Google My Business Reviews can be added to your brokerage profiles and can't be added to an individual profile.

Here's how to add your Google Reviews to your Advisr profile. 

2: From your Brokerage Dashboard, navigate to Reviews.
3: Scroll to the bottom of your Reviews
4: Start the process for adding Google Reviews to your Advisr Brokerage Profile.
**Advisr will never edit, delete, alter your Google My Business details.** We simply enable your Google Reviews to be syndicated onto your Advisr Brokerage Profile. Any questions - just ask.
OR just follow the steps outlined in the video below. Make sure your Google account has access to your Google My Business account.

Can I remove my Google My Business Reviews?
Yes, to remove your Google Reviews is super simple. If you change your mind, you can remove your Google My Business reviews in just one click. See below for how to do it. 

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Troubleshooting tips:
1. Make sure you select a Google account that has access to your Google My Business account
2. Check your Google My Business account to confirm access via the Google account you are wanting to use
3. Try a hard refresh of your page by hitting control and F5 together, then try again.
4. Make sure you're in a regular browser and not in incognito mode
5. Disconnect or cancel the process and try again
6. Contact us on, we're happy to help!

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