How to Add Reviews to Your Wordpress Site

How to Add Reviews to Your Wordpress Site

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Did you know that over 90% of customers online check reviews before making a purchase? Are you giving potential customers what they are looking for when they arrive at your website?

As a brokerage it is important to let customers and potential customers visiting your site hear the stories of other customers and how they find working with you and your team. A positive review can exert a strong influence on those who find themselves on your website, taking a look at your service offering.

Good news for sites built on Wordpress! Introducing the Advisr Toolbox, a plugin developed specifically for insurance brokers to add reviews to their Wordpress website. The Advisr Toolbox is a simple, easy and free plugin that allows brokerages to add real-time, customer centric reviews and broker information to their Wordpress website.


What does the Advisr Toolbox do?

The Advisr Toolbox has two main functions to help you deck out your website.

1. Instantly add a reviews segment to your Wordpress Website

2. Instantly create a slick team page with rich broker info


In this article we'll take a look at the first functionality, how the Advisr Toolbox helps you to add reviews to your Wordpress Website


Adding Reviews To your Wordpress Website

It is now possible to integrate your hard-earned Google and Advisr brokerage and team reviews into your Wordpress website. Integrating your reviews onto your website allows you to magnify the reach of your reviews. Not only will your Google and Advisr reviews be visible on Google and Advisr, but they will also now be visible to the unique audience that arrives at your website including existing and potential customers.

The Advisr Toolbox Plugin takes less than 5 minutes to install, configure and get live on your site. No third party approvals are required with the connection being done utilising your existing Advisr login. Your reviews are able to be displayed anywhere on your site. Review text can be made in any colour, to suit the design of your site.


Why do brokers love it?

  • No need to ask your customers to leave multiple reviews - one review can be shown everywhere, on Google, Advisr and your own site.
  • No coding required
  • Automatic updates when a new review is left on Google or Advisr
  • Your existing reviews will be pulled through to your website instantly

Insurance Broker, Laura Meyer, has used the plugin on her site, why not take a look at Laura's reviews on MeyerInsure.



Here is some further information on the Advisr Toolbox Plugin and a link to view the plugin directly in Wordpress.


How do I add my Reviews to my Wordpress Website?

Here's how to add your reviews to your Wordpress Website.



1. Login to your website's Wordpress dashboard

2. Head to "Plugins" > "Add new"

3. Search for "Advisr Toolbox". Click to install and activate

4. Head to "Settings" > "Advisr Toolbox"

5. Login using your ADVISR brokerage user email and password

6. Click on the "Reviews Integration" tab

7. Select your font colour depending on where your reviews are to be positioned

8. Copy the shortcode and paste it in the code anywhere on your site

10. Check your website to see your reviews live!



I don't have any reviews. How can I get some?

To get reviews you need to ask for them. Why not ask 10 of your best clients to write you a review? Better yet, make it a part of your process to ask once you have provided your service. Generally your customer will be very willing to leave you a favourable review. It takes less than a minute on Advisr for them to leave a review. Be sure to share your broker or brokerage Advisr profile URL with your client when asking them to leave you a review. Once they click on it they will see exactly where to select the 5 stars.


Will any bad or malicious reviews appear on my site?

No, the Advisr Toolbox filters your reviews to only show 4 and 5 star reviews on your own site.


My reviews aren't appearing on my site. What's wrong?

All favourable reviews on your Advisr profile will appear on your Wordpress website. Sometimes there may be a delay in relaying information from Google through the channels it travels to get to your site. Once the information is there you may need to clear your browser's cache and do a hard refresh to view your site with the new information applied. You can check by going to the page in incognito mode to see if your reviews are live yet. If they are still not appearing then contact ADVISR Support


I don't see my Google Reviews on my site?

Google reviews will only be pulled through to your site if you have already connected your Google Account with your Advisr account. Here are some instructions on how to connect your Google Account to your Advisr account if you haven't already.

If your Google account is connected to Advisr but you still aren't seeing your reviews flow through it is worth clearing your browser's cache and doing a hard refresh or you can try viewing your page in incognito mode. If they are still not appearing then contact ADVISR Support


How come I can't see the text of my reviews?

If your review text is the same colour as your site's background then you won't be able to see the text. In the plugin settings you can update the colour of the text to stand out against your site's background.


How do I paste the shortcode to my site?

You will need to do this via your website's Wordpress Dashboard. In the navigation menu, head to "Pages". Find the page you want to add your shortcode to. Click to edit the page. Select the "Text" tab instead of "Visual" so that you can see the code for the page as text. Insert your shortcode where you want your reviews to be placed and click "Update" to save your changes.


My reviews are appearing as a list rather than a carousel. Why is that?

When your site first loads all of the page information your reviews may appear briefly as a list rather than a carousel. This should correct itself within seconds.


Can I edit the text of my reviews?

Reviews should never be edited as it reduces their authenticity. A spelling or grammar issue here or there will only assure your potential customers that these are real reviews. If you would like your reviews to be a certain length, be sure to suggest that to your client when asking them to leave you a review.


General Advice Warning: This advice is general and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether the advice is appropriate for you and your personal circumstances. Before you make any decision about whether to acquire a certain product, you should obtain and read the relevant product disclosure statement.

Annemarie Jamieson | ADVISR

Advisr does not provide advice and does not hold a financial service license (AFSL). All information above has been provided by Annemarie Jamieson | ADVISR.

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