Replying to customer reviews

Replying to customer reviews

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Great news! You can now reply to customer reviews left by customers on your Advisr profile.


Why reply to customer reviews?

Replying to customer reviews can be a great way to say thanks and acknowledge the review that a customer has left for you. Also, responding to customer reviews helps other customers to see that you are engaged and responsive to them. It is a simple way to publicly say thanks, and it also shares more about you and how you interact with customers. 


How to reply to customer reviews on Advisr?

Step 1:

2020.05.18 Reply to a customer review step 1
From your Advisr Broker Dashboard navigate to Reviews

Click on the name of the person who left you a review.

The page expands and you can see the review.

Click Reply


Step 2:

2020.05.18 Advisr Customer reviews reply step 2
Type your reply to the individual customer review

Click submit and wait a few seconds. 


Step 3: 

2020.05.18 Customer review reply step 3
Your review is now saved

To remove a reply you've written, click the garbage bin to delete your reply


Step 4: 

2020.05.18 Reply to Customer Review step 4
Your reply is instantly viewable on your Advisr profile

Note: there is no Advisr moderation of replies to customer reviews.



4 ways to respond to reviews: Tips on what you can say. 


  • Say thanks. Everyone loves to know that their effort and time taken to review you has been appreciated and valued. 
  • Reflect back what they have said in your response. For example if they faced challenges and were uncertain and appreciated your guidance and time, then use their words and turn it into a comment about how you "love to .... provide guidance and help people navigate uncertainty when they are facing challenges" 
  • You're special! Let customers know that they are special to you and you look forward to seeing them soon.
  • Expand their comment to other service lines you offer. You can mention the other services you offer, for example "John it was great to help you with your business pack - as the world changes, we need to keep across other areas like cyber. I'll give you a call".



Need help?

Contact Advisr support for any support assistance that may be required.



Advisr does not provide advice and does not hold a financial service license (AFSL). All information above has been provided by Andy Jamieson.

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