Digital Marketing for Insurance Brokers

Digital Marketing for Insurance Brokers

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Digital marketing for insurance brokers is business critical these days. But why? Put simply, your customer's behaviour has shifted into digital channels and you need to adapt and adopt to ensure you continue to reach customers where they are looking for you.


When your customers are looking for insurance and want to connect with an insurance broker, more and more are doing their research, seeking guidance and purchasing insurance through digital channels. Advisr takes you in depth into how insurance brokers can outperform their competition in our Digital Marketing for Insurance Brokers course.


What digital marketing channels should Insurance Brokers think about?


Paid Search for Insurance Brokers


Paid Search: These are the paid ads that are triggered within Google when a person searches for a term that you've decided to advertise against. Paid search is a competitive auction model where you need to determine a daily budget (how much you will spend) and what cost per click (CPC) you are comfortable with. Insurance Paid Search Keywords are one of the most expensive categories to advertise against. So a good strategy and focused execution are critical.


At Advisr we advertise on over 12000 insurance related keywords and have these broken into over 6000 unique ad groups with multiple versions of ad copy. Being highly focused makes Advisr's paid search marketing very effective. We continually focus on expanding our campaigns and optimising based on performance.


An example of an Advisr Paid Search advert targeting Cyber Insurance





Online Display Advertising for Insurance Brokers


Paid Display Advertising: Display advertising shows on websites and can be displayed based on a few key factors. What site it is, who the audience is and what channel to market is being used. Display advertising generates impressions and builds your brand by getting people to see and interact with your advertising. To start doing display advertising, you need to consider three key things; what the ad looks like (the creative messaging), where the ads will run (the placements) and who your ads will reach (the target audience).


Talk to a media agency to help you define, develop and launch a digital display campaign for you.


Paid Display Advertising is now available on Advisr enabling you to reach a wider audience of highly relevant customers.


Display advertising showing in two sizes on Advisr.
To explore Advertising opportunities with Advisr, please reach out and connect -




Performance Display Advertising for Insurance Brokers


Performance Display Advertising: Performace Advertising can be called programmatic or performance display advertising. Performance display advertising can be purchased dynamically via ad exchanges. These exchanges enable you to buy display advertising in a similar manner to traditional display advertising, however, you often bid dynamically based on the placement, audience and other factors. Again, if this sounds complex, please reach out and connect with a Media Agency to seek more guidance.




Content Marketing for Insurance Brokers


Content Marketing: Good consistent digital marketing for insurance brokers requires a considered and consistent approach to content marketing. We've shared before a more detailed post on Content Marketing Ideas for Insurance Brokers. One key challenge we see for content marketing is distribution. Generating and posting content on your own insurance brokerage website is great, but consider going where your customers are already. Places like Advisr provide a great opportunity to syndicate your content and reach a greater audience with your message.


Examples of content Advisr has created for brokers



SEO for Insurance Brokers


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of getting your website, content or profiles to the top of the Google search results. A significant percentage of customers still click on natural or organic search results. So undertaking a program of work to improve your SEO is an essential part of any digital marketing for insurance brokers.


At Advisr, we have SEO "baked-in" to our platform. So a valuable and easy SEO initiative that any insurance broker or brokerage can take is to optimise your Advisr profile. We know this because of 20 years of SEO and digital marketing experience within our team and the strong SEO results we already see and experience with Advisr.


Read more about how an Advisr profile helps you dominate Google.


Have you Googled yourself?
A Google result for a brokers Advisr listing


Social media marketing for insurance brokers


Social media marketing is the use of social media channels and networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogs to reach your target audience. By talking about your area of expertise as an insurance broker you can become a 'thought leader' in your chosen subject matter who people go to when they need advice on insurance. You can do this by sharing useful content, answering questions, commenting on other people's content, posting on industry-specific sites (like Advisr) blogs and threads, and joining discussions in LinkedIn Groups.


Social media marketing fuels your content marketing because you can share your own content via social media channels, and also get ideas for new content from social media questions and topics you see that are missing or asked about a lot. Remember to always use your own 'voice' - your style, language etc - including some more informal and natural styles, so you're engaging and approachable and avoid sounding like an advertising mouthpiece.


A great broker LinkedIn profile - Abbie Wilson


Personal branding as an insurance broker


Insurance brokers need to be aware of how they are portrayed online overall. Your personal brand is a combination of all the content about you online. What do people find when they search for you? How many reviews do you have, and are they positive? What do your profiles say about you on different websites? Are your job titles up to date? Do you have a professional profile photo? Have you created content recently such as articles on your area of expertise? Do you feature in any videos, podcasts, or have you spoken at events?


Everything published online about you can all be found with the click of a search engine button, and is often the deciding factor on whether a customer chooses to work with you or not. Start by making sure your Advisr profile is optimised by checking the Advisr profile checklist which uses a top performing broker as an example.


Advisr profile checklist


Share your digital marketing tips, approach and challenges


As a community, we want to highlight those that are doing well at digital marketing. If you have digital marketing tips, please share them in the comments below. If you have questions about digital marketing, please ask them.


Digital Marketing Course For Insurance Brokers

Improve your digital marketing skills

Register for the Digital Marketing For Brokers Course.


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