Content Marketing Ideas for Insurance Brokers

By Andy Jamieson    June 25, 2019

Content marketing can be tricky.

In the midst of running an insurance brokerage and servicing clients, now you are being asked to produce great content on a frequent basis. Content marketing as an Insurance Broker can be tricky. But it doesn’t have to be such hard work. Below are some tips and tricks on where to start, how to get traction and produce great content relatively quickly. The key here is that you have interesting stories to share, sometimes you just need a framework to help you get them out.

Start small – but start!

Starting can be tricky. So why not take 5-10 mins, just once to spend thinking and jotting down some ideas around content marketing. Find a different space in your office, go to that cafe shop or sit outside. Just find somewhere and jot down what ideas come out. Don’t put pressure on yourself for them to be world-changing earth-shattering, but maybe aim for 5 ideas or topics you believe you could share about.

Aim for 5 ideas or topics you believe you could share something about.

Note: I like to use Evernote to capture ideas, so will share shots of the process I’m suggesting

Ok, so you have taken a first step – Well done!

Take your five ideas, leave them a week, then revisit. I’d imagine that whilst the list might look ok at this point, the key is, you’ve already taken a step. That is great. Now you have something to work from.

Now, take your list with your 5 ideas and in 5 mins connect each idea to a format that might work for delivering or communicating it.

Find a format that will convey the message and engage your audience

What styles of communications to use

  • Top 10 list – short and punchy and easy to digest
  • Detailed story – strong opening, relatable depth, clear conclusion
  • Facts – quote and reference other sources
  • Video – fast and authentic or more polished, either way, video content is quick to digest and rapidly becoming a key communication tool.
  • Infographic – people typically remember and recall an image rather than text
  • Workflow – break down the steps taken or the situation that unfolded, again, imagery or colour coding can be helpful
  • Checklist
  • Longer form e-book / white paper – these can take longer to produce and need to add real depth to a wide problem to be effective
  • Templates – Provide the template to your customers to make their lives easy
  • Interviews – written or video or podcasts – all work well.

How do I measure success of content marketing?

Measuring the effectiveness of content marketing is a challenge. It is like measuring the impact of one run on a journey to overall fitness, some times you’ll produce a PB and other days it will simply be an incremental addition that over time adds depth, maintains consistency and builds over time.

So how do you measure success with content marketing? Yes, getting views and likes and shares is important. Yet we know that it takes time.

Seek feedback from people who see it. Ask them one thing they liked and one thing you could improve. However hard or harsh, thank them for their feedback.

Measure impact; track the likes, shares, claps, hearts, views, clicks, downloads, sign-ups that occur. You can do that relatively easily with Google Analytics if you need some assistance, please reach out, we can help provide some guidance.

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Start Small – But Start!

Ok, enough reading about Content Marketing Ideas for Insurance Brokers. Now it is over you to get cracking. Put the 5-10 minutes in your diary now and start small, but start!

If you want to talk about how to market your brokerage, please reach out. We’d love to hear what you are trying, support where we can and enable you to reach your goals.

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