Checklist for building a killer online profile

By Andy Jamieson    May 14, 2019

Your online profile IS your profile.

There is no distinction these days. So start taking some steps to establish, improve and enhance your online profile with these tips.

Great looking professional photo as a profile picture

Your profile picture needs to be professional. The first impression that a profile picture makes is critical. Your picture can engage a prospect or repel them.

More tips on profile pictures: 7 Things to Avoid in a professional profile photo

Focus on your name & Google it often

Your name is the first words people turn to when they are looking to use Google to connect with you. So the first step you need to take is to ensure that you know what comes back when people Google your name, and a few combinations or miss-spellings around it. You need to take all steps necessary to dominate the search results for your name.

Stop what you are doing and go Google yourself now

Read more about how: Advisr is one significant way to help you dominate Google

Be present on all major social channels and industry-specific channels like Advisr

Having a simple profile across major social media channels does require some time and discipline to establish and maintain. However, not having a presence on social media channels means that you can be left playing catch up when a social media channel gains significant traction and your profile doesn’t have the social history from being established previously. In addition, you might find yourself finding it all too hard to get going due to lack of familiarity with the platform and how it operates.

Register your profiles and set up good baseline profiles as the minimum

The major social media channels and specific industry platforms, like Advisr, often populate the Google search results. Also, people will search on social media channels for you. So being present there is critical.

Online reviews really matter

Products, services, restaurants and hotels are just some of the areas where online reviews have become business critical. We believe that professional service businesses, often traditionally reliant on referrals to grow their businesses, are the next area where customers will require reviews before engaging.

On Advisr, brokers with customer reviews are seen up to 25x more than insurance brokers without customer reviews.

Customers want to know what it is like to work with you before they engage.

Google is incorporating ratings and reviews in their search results and local business listings. Google are constantly testing to know what customers use to help them determine what to click on. If you are in business and you’ve not started building personal reviews, you are missing out.

Educate, don’t sell

If you are an expert, the best way to sell, grow your business and win new customers is to give away all of your expertise and knowledge. This approach might sound counter-intuitive and it certainly challenges historic approaches to new business. By giving away all of your expertise, you enable customers to know exactly what they will be getting from you before they’ve bought. Customers can check that your offering and expertise align with what they need, or think they need. Finally, giving away all your expertise builds trust, as you’ve trusted first, and creates reciprocity (that feeling you get when you receive something want to give something back in return).

Selling is best done through educating. Especially with professional services and advice-based businesses.

Find & engage experts to help you

We can’t all be experts at everything. It’s best to focus on the areas where you do have expertise and find people, companies and experts to do the things that you can’t.

Advisr offers both a self-service platform and a full-service supported offering. If you’d like to talk further about how we can help you build a killer online profile – please reach out.

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