Community Recovery From Natural Disasters To Be Aided By New National Agency

Community Recovery From Natural Disasters To Be Aided By New National Agency

As announced by the Federal Government, the National Recovery and Resilience Agency will aid local communities in response to large-scale natural disasters.

A new national agency is said to be organised – National Recovery and Resilience Agency – as announced by the Federal Government to aid local communities in response to large-scale natural disasters and launch new initiatives to take on the impact of the changing climate and future events.

The new agency is said to provide support during the relief and recovery period to local communities subsequent to major disasters and will also steer the government towards policies and programs that will mitigate the ramification of major disaster events in the future.

According to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, $600 million would be invested in a new program of disaster preparation and mitigation, conducted by the new National Recovery and Resilience Agency led by Coordinator-General Shane Stone together with the former National Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency and the National Bushfire Recovery Agency, as well as, the $2 billion National Bushfire Recovery Fund.

Morrison stated, “The new Agency will help communities rebuild and recover from natural disasters, helping many Australians in their greatest time of need, while strengthening our defences against future major disasters,”

“Immediate funding will support resilience projects across the community and for individuals’ homes, such as bushfire and cyclone proofing houses, building levees and improving the resilience of telecommunications and essential supplies.”

The Agency will also be amenable for supporting the long-term recovery of communities restoring after the recent storms and floods in New South Wales and Queensland and cyclones in West Australia.

As stated by Sussan Ley, Minister for the Environment, the Australian Climate Service would intensify Australia’s position as a world leader in foreseeing and conforming to the impacts of changing climates for decades to come.

Ley said, “It will help shape the way we build communities and underpin Australia’s future adaptation strategies, including the new National Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategy announced in January.”


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