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What Can Insurance Learn From Banking

So you do your banking online, maybe on your phone. It's pretty good, right? I mean it's there in your pocket, and the app lets you do what you need to straight away. Convenient, functional, good.

That's what The Australia Customer Experience Index, 2016 says too, a survey of 8,982 Australian adult online customers said that their bank gave them basically a "good" online experience, and it's a little better each year.

But what about your insurance? Do you manage that online? How engaged are you with your insurer online? Hang on, actually that's a bit hard because most people only have one bank that they use, but between health insurance, home insurance, car insurance, life insurance and the rest, people have multiple insurers they're interacting with. All with different apps, different ways for people to interact and different places for people to find all their relevant information. Sometimes, people can't even tell you how many, or even who all their insurers are.

Perhaps that people use all these different insurance providers, is why Australians have rated their online experience with their insurer only as OK. In fact the research says that Australians actually think their online experience with their insurer is getting worse!

It's complex. Most people only visit each insurer once a year, so to remember their password and log in details is hard. You have to search through your emails or your filing cabinet to remember which insurer you're covered by, before even getting to trying to log in. This is no ground for a good customer experience - and we all know it.

Advisr exists to help this exact issue. We want your online interaction with insurance to be simple. A single password. One location where you know all your information is kept, and kept securely. A single glance to be perfectly up to date on who you're with, how much you're paying and when it's due.

Even better, soon enough Advisr will also be able to let you know if you're paying more for your car insurance than Sally down the street who has the exact same car as you.

Those features are coming, but in the mean time, right now, you can enjoy a new level of online insurance experience with Advisr.
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