Digital Marketing FAQ

Digital Marketing FAQ

April 16, 2020 Views: 947
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We've had some great questions from brokers about digital marketing lately, especially in relation to our Digital Marketing Course For Brokers.  

Does timing of reviews make a difference from an SEO perspective i.e. regular reviews or all clients at once?

Timing doesn't really matter, I'd encourage you to get a baseline established quickly and then look to build them consistently.

Does the number of pages on your website impact your SEO?

Yes and No - SEO is more about being very targeted in your approach. One keyword should be the focus for one page on your site. So if you want to target more keywords, then you'll need more highly targeted pages and relevant content.

Unit 2 of the Digital Marketing Course said Advisr reviews are pulled into Google automatically, does that mean it will show up on my Google Business profile on the right hand banner?

For brokerage listings on Advisr, then yes, we are seeing Google use and incorporate Advisr reviews as part of the Google Business Listings on the right hand side. Google Austbrokers Countrywide as one example. For broker profiles, the star ratings are incorporated as a line within the Google search results for a search on a brokers name. You can see it here when Googling Gail Findlay The Advisr site is built to make this happen for you.

When producing blogs/articles - should these be posted onto our website and then shared on to platforms like LinkedIn or posted directly to LinkedIn? Or post on Advisr and then shared on Social Media? What is best for SEO?

I'd think about where your audience is. It's nice to post all the content on your own site, but it is limited by your ability to attract and engage an audience. LinkedIn is popular, and is helpful for social reach and a high volume of impressions. Advisr really helps when original content is posted as our site is structured around the terms that you want to rank for - the insurance lines, locations etc. The best thing to do for SEO is to create some good pages on your site that are highly targeted to niche terms, then to create ongoing unique content about those terms and post it on Advisr in the related categories.

Will Google penalise us for posting the exact same content on various platforms and duplicating content?

Sort of, if you are posting the same content from a company in a few locations, then Google can work that out pretty quickly. It is smarter to make your site great and leverage Advisr and then share your Advisr articles on Social Media. That will help you the most in the long run.

Is there further reading on SEO specifically for insurance brokers?

If you haven't read it yet, this article has some great information:  

Is there guidance for writing articles?

Yes! The best place to start is by reading How to plan and write an article for Advisr.  

Thanks to the brokers at Confio Insurance in particular who had some great questions which prompted this article.

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Annemarie Jamieson | ADVISR
Annemarie Jamieson | ADVISR
1 year ago

Thanks to our brokers for providing us with some great questions at our Digital Marketing for Insurance Brokers course! You can enrol here:

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