Online is the future

Online is the future

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Having a great online presence and profile matters. Right now, it matters more than ever. Our world is changing, there will be less face to face meetings, less come into my office, less time together. These are interesting changes in how we do business. Your customers have been looking for you online already. We know that as thousands and thousands of insurance customers come to Advisr to find and connect with you already. So what does the future look like:

Establish your strong digital presence

A website is not enough these days. Being found online in multiple locations is just the starting point. The challenge (or opportunity) is to use multiple online channels to build and enhance trust with your existing and prospective customers in the places they are looking for you. But how do you do that in a face-to-face world? One of the simplest ways is to start by having a great profile picture, take the best you can or even get a professional to do it if possible; show people who you are. Use your profile picture across Advisr, LinkedIn, your website and other networking opportunities. Be consistent so you build your personal brand and image recognition. Did you know that most of your customers will Google you as the first thing they do when looking to connect, reconnect or even find your contact details? Here is why an Advisr profile will help you dominate Google. You need to know what comes back when someone Google's your name and make sure you influence and control these Google search results as best you can. If you haven't yet set up your Advisr profile, or if you want some assistance to make it look great - reach out to our team, we're here to help:

Build trust online through customer reviews

Getting others to tell your story with strong and powerful customer reviews is one of the most valuable business tools available. We know from customer data on Advisr that insurance brokers with customer reviews are seen by customers up to 25x more than brokers without customer reviews. Customers want an insurance broker they can trust and to build trust they look to see what other customers have said about you. It is the way of the world, so get on board and start building your base of customer reviews. Sounds too tricky? Here are 7 ways to get fantastic customer reviews

Provide multiple ways to connect and conduct business

Customers are already choosing the path that they want to take to connect and conduct business with you. Open up the channels, realise that a conversation that starts in one channel will move to another one and then onto a third or a fourth. At every step the customer expects you to keep up, know where the conversation is at and be responsive to their needs and requirements. It is interesting to see on Advisr customers using Advisr to request a copy of the certificate of currency, or request a response from a broker as the email address they have is bouncing, or making calls straight to you after reading about you via your online reviews. You need to provide multiple ways for people to connect and be able to manage the conversation across these multiple channels quickly, easily and efficiently.

Online is the future

Online is the future and it is also the now. Use this difficult time to look at your business, increase your online exposure and presence, and shift your business operations as you need. Your customers want you to be online and want to connect with you online. Take the first steps today, or take a step to enhance your existing Advisr profile by logging into the broker dashboard and improving your profile.  

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