7 ways to get fantastic customer reviews

By Anna Chatburn    March 19, 2019

Advisr profiles with customer reviews get 25x more views than those without

Choosing an insurance broker is all about trust. That’s why Advisr profiles with customer ratings and reviews get the most views and leads. Think about when you’re looking for a service – would you go for the one with customer reviews, or without?

Potential customers are going to look for online reviews as a way to decide who they work with.

How to get more customer reviews on your Advisr profile

  1. Ask existing customers who have reviewed you elsewhere
    If you already have reviews or recommendations on other sites such a LinkedIn or White Pages, ask those same customers if they mind posting the same on your Advisr profile, too. It can be a great excuse to offer to take them for a coffee.
  2. Ask your best clients
    Do you have any clients who have thanked you or given you great verbal feedback recently? Why not ask them to put it into writing so you can add it to your website?
  3. Timing it right
    It sounds obvious, but consider when you ask, as well as how. Ask the clients who have been most happy with you recently, or the ones you’ve gone the extra mile for who have got a great outcome from your services recently.
  4. Provide an outline to make it easy
    When you ask for a written review, give an outline with some points about what you’d like them to include. This means they don’t have to think so much about what to say. For example, ask the client how they found your communication, advice and knowledge, and what they were most satisfied with. Including an example of a review you’ve already received can be a great way to prompt action, as it will give them an idea of the length and content to include.
  5. Draft something for them
    If you’re very familiar with the client, make it as easy as possible for them. If you simply ask for a review, they’ll likely add it to their to-do list. Write something specific and make it easy for them to prompt instant action, for example: ‘Hi Sarah, I was wondering if you’d be so kind as to write a review for me on Advisr. (include the direct link to your profile) Something that describes how I’ve helped you, for example ‘John has helped me to navigate the different levels of cover for my business and focus on what’s most important to protect myself without breaking the bank’”
  6. Prompt reviews via your website or email signature
    Add a line to your website and email signature saying if people have had positive experience please share it by giving a review on Advisr. Offer freebies such as tickets to events, or lunch, to people who take the time to give you a review. Reviews take time and offering an incentive shows you value the reviewers time.
  7. Offer to return the favour
    Tell your client you’re happy to return the favour on a site of their choosing, for example by on their Google or Facebook business page.

Instructions for adding a customer review

The final step to making it easy for people to add a review on your Advisr profile is to send the link to your public profile, with the instructions below to help them. Many people will work out how to do it straight away, but some may miss the button to click, so adding clear instructions always helps:

  1. Scroll down to the customer review section of the profile (below the bio)
  2. Click the blue button: ‘write a review’
  3. Add a rating by clicking on the stars
  4. Type your review into the white box
  5. Click the blue button: ‘post your review’

Adding a customer review

Quality online reviews help to build trust

Customer reviews give potential customers a sense of what working with you will be like, so they have more confidence in choosing you as their broker.

Online reviews will also help you to dominate in Google. 

If you’d like some more assistance on how to generate fantastic online reviews, we’d be more than happy to help so please contact Advisr Support.

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