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Ashley Johnson

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Since 2008 Ashley has been working with people to understand their needs and their business.

With strong foundations in Farm & Crop, leading to Liability & Construction and then Medical Malpractice Liability & Indemnity Ashley has been ensuring people's exposure to significant financial losses are protected. Working most recently in Motor Vehicle insurance, Home insurance, Landlord Insurance, ISR insurance, Public and Product Liability insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Personal Accident & Illness, & Strata Insurance has allowed Ashley to work across a broad range of insurance products, peoples needs and business's. Ashley is known for her positive relationships, strong communications skills and level of commitment.

Ashley has her Diploma of General Insurance Broking and in 2012 started as a committee member of the Young Insurance Professionals Australia & New Zealand, and eventually became the Victorian Vice President, ceasing in 2016.

Location Melbourne

AFSL 235409
ABN 22006299298

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Gemco Players
2 weeks ago

Hi I would like to thank Ashley for all her assistance in handling our Insurance Claim.
She promptly attended to all our questions and queries to assist bring our claim to a successful & timely resolution
You are Greatly Appreciated Ashley....

4 months ago

Hi there
My agent ,Ashley, is the best ! She is professional ,and a pleasure to deal with. Always has the answers for me and is quick to respond to my emails.
This is one reason I remain a loyal customer to arcuri and associates insurance professionals.
Ashley you rock!
Good rates on my insurance needs too!!

Martin Huang
4 months ago

absolute gem to work with. Not once did I had to follow up on my claims and yet the advice given by her and her team was A plus standard. Wouldnt move from arcuri even if i had a discount. Keep up the good work ash as I am sure your superiors will notice your hard work!

4 months ago

I have been lucky enough to have Ashley as my broker for a number of years. She is always available and always very nice. Above all she knows everything there needs to know about insurance and I trust her implicitly. Because of this, insurance is one thing I don't need to worry about.

Helen de Vanny
4 months ago

Ashley Johnson is one of the best Insurance Brokers I have ever dealt with. She answers all my questions, as well as attending to requests for unusual policies. I am lucky to have her services.

5 months ago

Ash has always been a pleasure to deal with. She handles our complex portfolio of properties with ease and nothing is ever too much trouble. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good insurance broker.

5 months ago

Excellent service from Ash, dealing with our international association's unique circumstances where other brokers just gave up. Ash went above and beyond and found us exactly what we needed for far less than expected. A great outcome and highly recommend Ash to others.

Georgina Dixon (AAPS)
5 months ago

Ashley has saved our shelter thousands of dollars in premiums! Means we have more money for the animals in our care and we are very thankful for that. An absolute pleasure to deal with!

Kevin Goh
1 year ago

Short and simple. Ashley is the best, she listens, she does what she says she will do.

Mark Fotheringham
1 year ago

I have dealt with Ash on a few occasions now and she has been extremely efficient and helpful in assisting me with my claims. Ash responds in a timely manner and provides required solutions. Thanks Ash.

1 year ago

Ashley is fantastic to deal with and really knows her stuff! I have several policies that Ashley takes care of and she always answers any questions i have and advises me of the best options. She has time for her clients and shows this by spending time on the phone and doing the research for her clients. I would highly recommend her

Carolina Defazio
2 years ago

Ashley is an absolute delight to deal with. She is professional and extremely competent with a very friendly approach. She responds to emails promptly and always there to help. I have recommended Ashley and will continue to do so to anyone looking for a broker.

Anne Poulsen
2 years ago

Ashley was a wonderful broker - thorough, competent, efficient, supportive, knowledgeable and approachable. She explained complex situations and scenarios very clearly. She responded to queries very quickly and was always a delight to communicate with each time I had a question. I would highly recommend Ashley.

Courtney Holmes
2 years ago

Most efficient and friendly broker I have ever had to deal with. Would recommend Ashley to anyone looking for a reliable broker. Every dealing that I have had with Ashley and her team has been a pleasure without any difficulty and always very prompt.