Meet a Broker: Tiffany Austin-Sanchez | Account Executive, SUREWiSE

Meet a Broker: Tiffany Austin-Sanchez | Account Executive, SUREWiSE

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Tiffany Austin-Sanchez is an Adelaide-based insurance broker and Account Executive of SUREWiSE. She was the People's Choice winner and a finalist in the Top Insurance Broker For South Australia category in the 2021 Advisr Insurance Broker Awards. Tiffany had a record number of nominations submitted for the Advisr Awards, showing her great connections into her community, and has some great reviews on Advisr. Advisr chatted with Tiffany about her experience as a broker, her drive to help businesses succeed, and her plans for the future.


Tell me a little about yourself

I have been in the insurance industry for 18 years with the majority of that time spent broking.  My family owned several small businesses which I think has given me a great insight into what business owners go through on a day-to-day basis. I also owned a BNB up to recently which went from doing nicely to nought during covid.

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter and our dog Brioche. 

I am studying a bach of business (Insurance) with not long to go.


How can business owners benefit from working with an insurance broker?

The thing is these days we are all time poor. Using a broker means you can get a multiple solutions for your insurance needs. Brokers can help you uncover your risks and make sure you are adequately protected. If you have a claim we are also here to help,  freeing up your time and letting you get on with business.


Who makes an ideal insurance client and why?

Most people need some insurance, but from a broker's perspective those needing advice or assistance to get the right cover.


What do you love about being an insurance broker?

Meeting so many interesting business owners, each with their own unique story.


What has been your experience of marketing your services online?

It's been wonderful especially over the last couple of years.


Do you have a particular area of expertise?

I really enjoy working with Trades Clients, Information Tech, Not for Profits and Commercial Property Owners. 


Which skills are most important for an insurance broker to succeed in today's market?

I think we need to be adaptable and able to think on our feet. The world is changing at a rapid pace as is insurance. The hardening market makes it really important to be a good researcher and tenacity helps.


What areas of insurance should people be aware of over the next 12 months?

Cyber the incidences in this area have certainly escalated and will continue to do so.


What's next for you and your business?

To continue to be a trusted advisor for my clients now and into the future.


You can find me here: Tiffany Austin-Sanchez on Advisr

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