Meet a Broker: Aimee Henderson | Senior Insurance Broker, Grace Insurance

Meet a Broker: Aimee Henderson | Senior Insurance Broker, Grace Insurance

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Aimee Henderson is a Perth-based Senior Insurance Broker of Grace Insurance. Advisr chatted with Aimee about her experience as a broker, her drive to help businesses succeed, and her plans for the future.


Tell me a little about yourself

I joined the insurance industry in 2007 in New Zealand, learning and developing on the job to become a broker and obtaining a Diploma in Financial Services (Insurance Broking). Having worked predominantly for large Global Corporate firms, I joined Grace Insurance in June 2020 after relocating to Perth in October 2018.


How can business owners benefit from working with an insurance broker?

Insurance is complicated and with a vast range of types of policies, it can get confusing.

Every occupation has different exposures and insurance requirements and an Insurance Broker can ensure you are correctly covered for your specific business needs. 

An Insurance Broker also manages claims on your behalf ensuring the best possible outcome at claim time. 

It's important to remember that not all Insurance policies are equal and to have the peace of mind that your business is covered correctly and you have an advocate to support you at claim time takes away just one more stress that a business owner no longer needs to worry about.


Who makes an ideal insurance client and why?

An ideal insurance client is one that is curious about insurance, asking thoughtful questions to understand their unique policy and one that wants the best coverage possible, not always the cheapest option.


What do you love about being an insurance broker?

Insurance is about real life, and I love to help people by talking about insurance and making sure they are prepared and covered properly for things they don’t think will happen. When a catastrophe hits, their insurance comes into play. It’s real life, and I am passionate about educating people and finding ways to make it real for them. I believe my strength is in using my experience alongside real examples to genuinely help people understand why their insurance matters for their unique situation.


How do you go above and beyond as an insurance broker?

I maintain a proactive, innovative, and dedicated client-focused approach through my relationships. Several local businesses have become clients and I make a point of frequenting their businesses in support and encouraging colleagues to do the same. 

I have numerous cafes and restaurants as clients which I go to eat and always speak face to face with the owners on each visit. I have also started going to a local small business owner who is a hairdresser client of mine. 

I believe that showing my support for my clients is a simple yet powerful way to demonstrate, in return, that I care about the relationship. It's much more likely when the client understands you have done everything you can to get the claim across the line and genuinely care about their needs.


What has been your experience of marketing your services online?

I am part of many business pages on social media and have made a lot of connections with small businesses through their requests for an Insurance Broker, converting many to new clients.

Many fantastic Google reviews for the business and myself personally.


Do you have a particular area of expertise?

Small to Medium-sized business


Why did you choose it?

I have a passion for helping people and many small to medium-sized businesses that are start-ups, people who are new to running a business and insurance can be very daunting. I enjoy helping new business owners to understand their insurance and relax knowing they are covered and I will support them should a claim arise.


Which skills are most important for an insurance broker to succeed in today's market?

Communication skills are essential as well as time management skills. Whilst operating in a hard market, it is essential to canvas the market for the best coverage at the best price, ensuring my client does not have any exposures, and if they do, the client is aware of and understands the risk. To be able to explain Insurance and its jargon in a way that my client can understand.


What areas of insurance should people be aware of over the next 12 months?

Cyber Insurance and Legal Expenses are the insurances we recommend to all our clients. Every business has a cyber exposure and due to recent legislative changes, claims costs can be very expensive. 

Legal Expenses is a new product that is inexpensive but covers an array of legal costs.


What's next for you and your business?

The next step for the business is to expand into the other Australian states with several acquisitions currently in process to come off next year. With the company Director turning his focus to the new acquisitions, the future for myself is to step into the role of WA State Manager whilst still continuing to function as a Senior Broker within the team.


You can find me here: Aimee Henderson on Advisr

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Annemarie Jamieson | ADVISR

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