How to plan and write an article for Advisr

How to plan and write an article for Advisr

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Posting your content on Advisr is a great way to drive new business by showing the world your expertise. We will help to share it online with potential customers and others in the insurance industry. You can share your Advisr Post on your LinkedIn, website and in emails, and send it to potential new customers to establish trust in your knowledge.

Choosing a topic

What are you an expert in? If you specialise in a certain type of insurance then focus on an aspect of that. Is there a change in how that type of insurance is offered? Consider what is timely and newsworthy - could you link your topic with something that will be happening soon in your readers lives, to maximise the chances of them wanting to read it? One example is insurance considerations for small businesses in the lead-up to party season. Are they fully covered and how can they minimise risks of being liable for any mishaps? (you can't use that idea though because we've already published an article all about that on Advisr ;))


Aim for at least 500 words to ensure the article offers enough information to add value to customers. The length depends on the style of article. A listicle or short overview might be 500-1000 words, while a more in-depth piece could be 1,500 words with multiple sections and headings.


It helps to sketch out your initial structure in headings that represent each key paragraph or point, then expand and explain each point in more detail for your reader afterwards. Deciding a logical structure that naturally flows through to prompt the reader to contact you is easier to do at the beginning. Add relevant subheadings to help the reader who scan-reads, and to set the context of each section. (see more on subheadings below)

Tone and language

While keeping the tone professional, positive and polite goes without saying, you can tailor the tone and language to your own personality and personal style. Do you like to have a laugh and joke with your clients? You can inject that into your article by writing as you'd speak. Like to tell stories to illustrate your points? Again, something to include in your article. Do you want it to be fun, lighthearted or urgent and serious? It all depends on your personal style, and the topic you're writing about. Use language that's simple and easy to understand. Consider whether a ten year old could read and understand it. That's the benchmark copywriters use.


There are many styles of titles to choose from. For example:

  • A question such as 'Do you have adequate business insurance?',
  • 'Listicle' style such as '5 tips for choosing the right business insurance' or '3 ways to decide which business cover is right for you'
  • 'How-to' style for example 'How to choose the best business cover for you'

A good way to come up with a title people are likely to find online is to google the topic and see the wording of common related searches. If your title matches what people search for you you will get more hits.


This should set the context of what your article will cover, and pose a question in your reader's mind so they continue to read. Consider again your topic and ensure the key words are in the first few words of your introductory text, as this helps boost the searchability or SEO (search engine optimisation) ranking of your article.


Include a subheading in ‘header 2' style that sets the context after your introductory text. Use subheadings throughout the article for each chunk of text to break it up and make it more easily scannable. Remember, people tend to scan-read online.


Include at least one high quality image that sets the context of your article and brings it to life. Avoid over-used stock images and cliches. If you add images to the body of the article be sure to choose the right size by clicking the little pencil icon and selecting the right size.

Header image

The header images on Advisr content are short and wide. Resize your image so it's 1000px wide and 360px in height.


Thumbnail images display in the blog listing and around the site. They should be resized to 640px width and 550px height.

How do I resize my images?

You can resize your image by cropping them in your default image editor on your computer. Otherwise you can use an online editor such as Pixlr, Pic Monkey or Canva.

Image quality

Make sure your images don't appear blurry or pixelated.

Call to action

What do you want the reader to do as a result of reading your article? The ‘call to action' should be a short sentence or paragraph at the end of your article explaining what the reader should do next and why. Do you have an offering to prompt the reader to get in touch such as a free consultation? The overall aim of a call to action could be to contact you via a link to your Advisr profile (it's best practice to keep them on the site for a seamless experience, rather than link the through to your site) When they land on your profile they can see your profile information and reviews, which will further prompt them to get in touch.


Get someone new to look over your content at least once before you publish. When you've been editing and writing for a while you sometimes can't see the wood for the trees and miss errors and mistakes, punctuation or typos. Check, check and check again. Also ask them to ensure it is clear, and makes easy reading.

External links

Avoid adding too many external links as these can dustcart from the flow of the article which is ultimately to prompt the reader to contact you. Remember that once they have read the article they will ideally click through to your Advisr profile and contact you.

Posting your article

Once it's ready, posting your article onto the Advsir website is easy. Just read How to post your content on Advisr.

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