How to post your content on Advisr

By Anna Chatburn    November 22, 2018

Once you’ve planned and written your article, posting your content to Advisr is super easy – just follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in – From the homepage, click on ‘broker login’ on the top right of the screen (or register if you haven’t already)This will Take you to the login page, where you can enter your user name and password, to gain access to your broker dashboard:
    Login to Advisr
    *If you can’t see your broker login, make sure you’ve claimed your profile by clicking the ‘claim profile’ button on your profile.
    If you’re having issues, just email us:
  2. My content – click into ‘my content’Add My Content To Advisr
  3. Add content – copy and paste the text from your contentAdd My Content To Advisr
  4. Image – ensure you choose an image that is high enough quality and not blurry. If you know how to resize it, the size should be: 1000px wide x 360px height. If you don’t know how to resize it, just click the button below the screen and the Advisr team can do it for you once you’ve submitted it. If you do this is must be high resolution otherwise it can’t be used.Add images to Advisr
  5. Category – select the insurance category that aligns with the content you have added.Add my content into an Advisr category
  6. Save – Your article is automatically saved every 5 seconds. So if you want to go back and edit your article again before submitting click ‘save’Save my content on Advisr
  7. Save and send – Your article goes to the Advisr editorial team to review and then publish. You’ll be notified once your content has been published.

Need help creating content?

If you have an idea for an article but don’t have the time or writing skills to write it, we can help! Advisr ghostwrites articles for professionals just like you. And if you sign up for a premium profile we will write your first article for free using our expert copywriters. Just get in touch and let us know the topic you’d like to focus on.

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