New Financial Year - Time To Get Going!

New Financial Year - Time To Get Going!

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Making the most of the new financial year - starts now!

July 2020 is upon us, you've worked hard all June and now it is time for a break right. Well, sort of. 

How about instead of a break you change your focus for a little while and get refreshed through trying some new activities and areas of focus that will help you to lay a great baseline for the new financial year. 


Ten ways to maximise the new FY and kickstart it off with a focus on your online profile. 


1: Take a great new profile picture

It is always nice when you have a great profile picture that looks professional and presents you in your best light. It is also nice to have a recent photo so that clients, when you meet face to face, are less like to comment on the difference between reality and your profile picture. If it has been a few years, take the time and make it happen. Here some excellent tips on how to avoid a bad profile picture.

2: Write a new bio about yourself reflecting new successes

We're always changing and growing. But when was the last time you updated your professional bio or description on Advisr and other social media sites? Having relevant and an up to date personal description enables you to highlight new skills and experience. It is amazing how 5 or 10 years of experience can quickly become 15 to 20 years of experience. 

3: Ask some customers to leave you a review on Advisr

Customer reviews are a critical part of a potential customers decision-making process. If you don't have any customer reviews. Start now. Yes it is hard work, but it is valuable work that pays for itself time and time again. If your business is built by referrals then online customers reviews are essential. One simple way to start building customer reviews is to include an image and link within your email signature. Read more on how to build customer reviews via your email signature.

4: Review your website - does it need a refresh?

When exactly did that new website project happen? Whilst it might seem like a recent project, digital assets like websites can fatigue quickly. Trends change and a tired or older looking website can showcase you in poor light. Take a moment and review your website. To make it easier, here is a guide to the ultimate website for insurance brokers

5: How active have you been sharing your expertise? Time to post some content?

Sharing content online in a consistent and timely manner is the new normal for business. It shows you are alive and engaging. Have you been sharing content online? Posting original content can be tricky. If you'd like support - talk to the Advisr team, we're here to help and offer Ghostwriting services. Or if you are comfortable, then here are the steps to post content onto Advisr.

6: Choose the right insurance categories to be listed in.

With hundreds of types of insurance. It is now more important that your areas of specialisation are highlighted. On Advisr, we call them Insurance Categories, Insurance by industy and Specialist Services. All of these are options you can add to your profile and by selecting a category or industry will also feature you on those related pages. If you've not updated or made these selections. Do it now.  

7: Add any qualifications and awards

Awards and qualifications are a great way to highlight your professionalism and calibre. Shine brightly, like Lisa Carter, and add awards and qualifications to your Advisr profile.

8: Encourage your team to take some steps

It is hard doing it all alone. Encourage your team to get onboard and make some changes and improvements at the same time. Don't be discouraged if they won't take all the steps or options you put in front of them, but happy with the progress! Maybe making some time in your team meetings to discuss what is possible and how you're here to help the team if needed.  

9: Engage a content marketing team to support your content creation.

Great original content can be tricky. Engage the Advisr team to do the heavy lifting and develop some great online content and articles that you can share and be proud of. Sharing content across your network is easy when you have some great content to share. Contact the Advisr team to talk through our content marketing packages and options, email

10: Get Featured on Advisr

Upgrading to Advisr Featured maximises your exposure with thousands of potential customers. Remember, Smart Insurance Brokers Upgrade.


If you want to talk further about your business and how you can maximise the year ahead, reach out and connect, we love to hear where you are up to and what you are planning and how we can help. 

Advisr does not provide advice and does not hold a financial service license (AFSL). All information above has been provided by Andy Jamieson.

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