Most Viewed Content of 2018

Most Viewed Content of 2018

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Top ten most viewed content on the Advisr website in 2018

These ten articles had the most page views of all the articles published this year. They are a mixture of Advisr-published and broker-published content aimed at both insurance brokers and customers looking for insurance such as small business owners. Well done to the insurance brokers who made the top ten - Brett Theideman, Byron McPherson, Penny Collins and Greg Dobrin - Byron only set up his profile on Advisr recently yet still made the top ten most viewed of 2018!

1. Most Popular Insurance Brokers for 2018

December 2018 This post lists the top 20 most viewed Advisr Insurance Broker Profiles in 2018. The people on this list are doing a great job of networking both offline and online, as customers are looking for them.  

2. Advisr wins Insurance Business Insurtech Pitch

May 2018 Advisr was selected as the best pitch winning a $20k marketing package with Insurance Business at the 2018 InsurTech Summit in Sydney.  

3. Four ways to protect your business from cyber attacks

January 2018 This Advisr 'Experts Opinion' piece by Brett Theideman from Theideman Insurance Solutions takes an indepth look at 4 ways to protect your business from Cyber Attacks.  

4. Claiming Across Multiple Insurance Policies

October 2017 In this Advisr 'Experts Opinion' piece Greg Dobrin of Sureserve Financial Services discusses the misconceptions surrounding claiming on several insurance policies and the actions you can take.  

5. Unintended consequences of Royal Commission creates an insurance ‘Perfect Storm'

November, 2018 In this Advisr 'Experts Opinion' piece Byron McPherson of CPRS Insurance highlights some of the consequences of The Royal Commission into banking and financial services misconduct for the sector.  

6. Five Things You Need to Know About Professional Indemnity InsuranceProfessional Indemnity Insurance

November, 2018 In this Advisr 'Experts Opinion' piece Penny Collins of Capital Mutual Insurance Brokers gives the latest developments to be aware of in Professional Indemnity Insurance.  

7. Cyber Risk Cyber Risk

May, 2018 Given today's globally connected online environment, small businesses face more cyber threats than any other group. Unfortunately, these cyber attacks are on the rise, since they gain more sophistication with every new technological breakthrough.  

8. Why an Advisr profile helps you dominate in Google (SEO)

November, 2018 How are you staying on top of the changes in the Google algorithm (how Google determines what to return when people search for things) and how are you keeping up with and ahead of your competitors?  

9. Three Factual Cyber Crime Claims

June, 2018 Cybersecurity is applicable for most businesses. Austbrokers Countrywide share 3 cyber scenarios that have created risk and exposure.    

10. How to write and post your content on Advisr

November, 2018 Posting your content on Advisr is a great way to drive new business by showing the world your expertise. This article outlines the steps involved in planning and posting content.  

Publish your own content

If this list has inspired you to publish your own content on the Advisr site then read this article outlining how to do so.

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