Why an Advisr profile helps you dominate in Google (SEO)

Why an Advisr profile helps you dominate in Google (SEO)

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These days, people Google everything. You do it, your friends and family do it and your clients, well they do it too. People literally Google everything. So as an Insurance Broker, how are you staying on top of the changes in the Google algorithm (how Google determines what to return when people search for things) and how are you keeping up with and ahead of your competitors? The team at Advisr can help you navigate the complexity of Google, optimise your profiles and develop great customer-focused content to attract the right customers.  

What people Google

People Google everything. In regards to Googling for Insurance and Insurance brokers, people Google lots of different things that can loosely be grouped together into four key groups. These four key groups influence how we think and it is why Advisr is structured the way it is, to ensure you maximise your reach with customers across all their search intentions. So what are these four key groups.

People Google your name

Yes, that is right, customers Google your name to find out what it is like to work with you (customer reviews) and to be influenced into whether on not they should take action and reach out and connect. So have you Googled yourself lately and seen what comes back? Your customers are Googling you, so you'd better be thinking about improving what they are able to see.

  Have you Googled yourself?

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People Google your company name

The name on the door matters. Customers want to find and connect with your company and to find your contact details, they Google you. So making sure that they find the correct details such as your office location, phone number and email contact details is essential. To ensure you have this sorted, you need to optimise your online company profiles across multiple online providers such as Google Business, Yellow Pages and Advisr.

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People Google by insurance type

Customers search for insurance by the name of the insurance type. Whether it is at the start of their educational journey or at the pointy end where the purchase is imminent. Customers go looking for very specific information that matches their search enquiries and provides insights for them to consider. If you want to know specifically what people are searching for and how this is changing over time, you can use a tool from Google called Google Trends. At Advisr, we match our categories and insurance lines to the trends we see in the market, enabling us to create a rich customer experience centred around deep customer insights on very specific topics.

Google Trends to understand customers

Play around with Google Trends to see what people search for

The insurance categories on Advisr have been determined based on analysis and input from tools like Google Trends. So making sure your Advisr profile has you listed in the right categories that align with your skills, experience and expertise is critical.  

People Google by location

Or to put this in a more customer-centric way, customers search for insurance brokers in their location. You might happen to be in or be available to service that location. Customers do search for insurance brokers near them. So at Advisr, we have pages that match the location-based query customers are using to search for you.  

Why your profile is important both now and in the future

As you progress your career, your personal brand and reputation matter more and more. Starting today on building and cultivating your online reputation is a smart move. The benefits will come. We believe that you need to take ownership of your reputation (online specifically) and determine how you want to be presented. Your Advisr profile should be a key part of your strategy.  

Why your staff and employees need profiles

As a brokerage leader, the reputations of your staff are critical to your business's success. Customers ultimately deal with your staff and so ensuring that your staff have good online reputations is part of modern business value creation. Your business is its people. If you'd like to talk further about why an Advisr profile helps you dominate in Google, please reach out and get in touch with the team.  

How do I start?
  1. Login to or Register for Advisr and add or claim your Advisr Profile.
  2. Update your Advisr Profile details
  3. Post content to Advisr.
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