Advisr 2020 - Year in Review

Advisr 2020 - Year in Review

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2020 was a massive year. 


During the first half of the year, the Advisr team rebuilt the entire Advisr platform - a massive undertaking given increased significance during the uncertainty of the early COVID 19 period. Nonetheless, the team pushed ahead and in May 2020, rolled out an entirely new Advisr platform - that is faster, more scalable, easier to use and with a significant step-change in regards to the capabilities of Advisr. 


In 2020, more people than ever came to Advisr to find and connect with a trusted insurance broker. 


The Advisr team continued to onboard hundreds and hundreds of brokers and brokerage both big and small. If you’re yet to join Advisr - we’d love to help make that happen.

Advisr sent leads to insurance brokers with customers looking for insurance for farms, planes, breweries, commercial buildings, professional service firms, NDIS providers, cardiology practices, indoor inflatable parks, rifle clubs, online businesses, apartment blocks and even model and prop makers for TV.  

What a year 2020 was!


New Advisr Platform

Making a connection between a customer and an insurance broker has never been easier!

The new Advisr platform delivers increased capabilities whilst simplifying the paths users take. In addition, Brokerages now have increased control and visibility over their team members on Advisr. 

Adding new team members and removing ones who've left the brokerage is done in just a few clicks. More details on the new Advisr platform are detailed below. 


Welcoming more and more people onto Advisr

Hundreds of new brokers and brokerages have added themselves over the past 12 mths. Thanks for joining Advisr in 2020. In 2020 Advisr saw new members from AR networks, Brokers, Brokerages and new networks. Some new Advisr members include people from the following groups:

Everest Risk Group Pty Ltd

Community Broker Network

Insurance Advisernet

Crucial Insurance and Risk Advisors


Fundamental Insurance Brokers

Lark Insurance 

Marsh Advantage

Hunter Broking Group

Maxton Insurance Brokers

Reliance Partners

PSC Connect

MGA Insurance Group

McLardyMcShane South East

Coverforce Insurance Brokers

Not on Advisr yet? - Join today it’s free



How do customers find Advisr? 


We get asked this question a lot! So here are a few ways customers find Advisr.


Advisr is built by digital marketing experts. So Advisr's mission is to make it easy for Insurance Brokers to achieve success and reach customers via the digital marketing capabilities that are baked into the Advisr platform.


Advisr is optimised to help you rank in Google. It happens quickly and easily. If you want exposure in Google and want people to find you when they’re looking for insurance online then get your team, brokerage and customers reviews onto Advisr.



Did you know that Advisr was seen over 3.2million times in Google search results in the past 12 mths?  


Over the past 2 years, Advisr’s traffic from Google (traffic from people who Google insurance-related keywords) grew 50%, from 2018 to 2019 and another 50% from 2019 to 2020. In 2021 Advisr’s traffic from Google has continued to accelerate.


We're looking forward to a big 2021!



Customer Reviews for you individually and your team members

Customers love reading reviews from other customers. 

Advisr data tells us that brokers with customer reviews get seen loads more by customers than brokers without customer reviews. So building customer reviews on Advisr makes a big difference to how you and your team perform on Advisr! 


Now on Advisr you can:

  • Reply to customer reviews
  • If you’re a brokerage, then view your team members' reviews and replies 
  • Incorporate your Google My Business reviews into Brokerage profiles (takes under 1 min)
  • Have your profile prioritised on all our landing pages, simply by having reviews on your profile.



Tip: Get inspired by Josh Ryan and his 38 individual customer reviews and individual replies.


Add Google Reviews to your Brokerage


Advisr makes it easy to add your Google My Business reviews alongside your native Advisr reviews. 


Google reviews are for businesses (brokerages) with a Google My Business account. On Advisr you can utilise all your brokerage reviews from the major sources in one place.



How To: Add Google My Business reviews to my brokerage


Over 500+ Articles posted onto Advisr

Over 500+ insurance-related articles are now featured on Advisr. Articles focusing on Insurance, written by expert insurance brokers, educating the market and building trust with customers

 Tip: Great content that is informative and deep and that adds value to customers works best.

 We know you want to both post content on Advisr and share it on your own website. Great news! Now you can do both, putting content onto Advisr and on your website, using a syndicated content approach that avoids duplicate content concerns with Google. 

If you have great content and are not posting your content onto Advisr, you are missing out! 

How to: Syndicate my content on Advisr and on my website.


 If writing content is something you’d like to do, but you don’t have time. You can engage the Advisr content marketing team to create specific personalised content just for you. 


Tip: Engage the Advisr team to ghostwrite great original content for you. Reach us at



Advisr Awards, powered by Agile

Our second year running the Advisr Awards was a great success. The 2020 Advisr Awards received a record number of entrants. In addition, we welcomed Agile Underwriting as our Major Awards Sponsor. Thanks, Agile Underwriting for your support.

Also, it was pleasing to see that winners of the Advisr Awards received great PR exposure in News Limited papers


See: The 2020 Advisr Award Winners


Add your awards to your profile

We know that the Advisr Awards, whilst great, are not the only awards going around. So Advisr enables you to add other awards you might have won or other qualifications you have earned. 

Adding awards and qualifications builds credibility quickly and easily with a prospective customer.  



How to: Add my awards to my Advisr profile


Facilitating Digital Marketing Webinars - We’re giving away our knowledge

The Advisr team partnered with YIPs twice in 2020, with hundreds of participants, eager to understand more about digital marketing and how to build their career via a strong online presence.



Tip: Engage the Advisr Team to run a webinar to upskill your team members in building their online footprint. Reach out, we do it all the time.

 Other webinars we ran and facilitated included:

  • Exclusive webinar for Advisr Award winners to share their insights and success stories.
  • How to build a digital strategy
  • Content marketing workshops

Tip: Engage the Advisr team to talk to your team members. Reach out we do it all the time. 


Not only are we partnering with YIPs to support the industry, but also with Insurtech Australia. In 2020, Andy Jamieson, CEO and Founder was elected to the board of Insurtech Australia.


The Advisr Toolbox - Taking the Advisr technology to the next level!

Is your brokerage website built on WordPress? 

Now you can leverage all the data about your brokerage and team members that are on Advisr; such as profile photos, customer reviews and contact information, on your website. Your brokerage team page never looked so good!  

Using the Advisr Toolbox makes it super fast and easy to manage your WordPress website.

Keeping team members up to date, sharing the latest customer reviews and enabling customers to connect directly with the desired team member. 


Hundreds of targeted Location Pages on Advisr

With the growing Advisr audience, the Advisr location pages are an increasingly popular and valuable real estate for insurance brokers. More and more customers are finding and visiting these pages to find and connect with an insurance broker near them. If you want local customers, make sure you're featured on the relevant location pages 

Here are some of the most popular location pages:

Insurance Brokers in Melbourne

Insurance Brokers in Sydney

Insurance Brokers in Brisbane

Insurance Brokers in Adelaide

Insurance Brokers in Perth

Insurance Brokers in Canberra

Insurance Brokers in Hobart

Insurance Brokers in Darwin

Tip: Remember, to increase your exposure on these location pages you need to be a featured broker.

There are over 120 location pages that highlight the brokerages and brokers located in that area and incorporate the content and posts they are sharing.


Focusing on the occupations and industries where customers work.

Customers view the world from their perspective and use search terms like "Insurance for Scaffolders" rather than "Business Interruption Insurance". So the Advisr Industry pages enable brokers that love working with a specific target group, such as an accountant or with plumbers to let the world know all about it! 

Brokers can add their targeted industries to their profile and show up instantly on the desired Advisr occupation page alongside the highly relevant content focused on that specific occupation. 


Find all the industries that insurance brokers can target


Specialist Services

Even with all the granular targeting capabilities that are possible within Advisr, our product team realised we didn’t know it all when it comes to niche areas of insurance and needed to give brokers and brokerages the ability to add specialist services onto their profiles to enable them to highlight deeper areas of expertise. 

Over 450+ specialist services have been added by brokers onto Advisr. Watch this space for what is coming in 2021 for specialist services.

Brokers can add new specialist services or select from ones already added all via your Advisr Dashboard.


Bring on 2021

Here at Advisr, we feel like we're just getting started. We love working with and supporting insurance brokers as they support businesses Australia wide. 

We hope to see you more often in 2021.


Advisr does not provide advice and does not hold a financial service license (AFSL). All information above has been provided by Andy Jamieson.

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