10 Tips to Maximise Business During Covid-19

10 Tips to Maximise Business During Covid-19

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With such a rapid pace of change occurring in the world. It can be hard to know what to do and how to survive. But imagine if we didn't just aim to survive, but rather looked for ways to thrive, to deepen connections with customers and find innovative ways to create value, both short and longer-term. Here are 10 ideas/resources that could kick start something new, something fresh for you as a broker or brokerage. I find when I'm overwhelmed, working out what is one action, one step, one contribution that I can take can be a helpful way to unstick myself and get myself and my business moving.

10 Ideas - take one, take them all.

  1. Post content that customers are looking for online
    At Advisr, we've seen a big uplift in interest in two key insurance areas; Rental Loss/ Rent Default and Business Interruption Insurance. So if you understand those two areas, produce great content around it right now. It is super timely, very relevant and in demand. Here are our recent articles focused on Landlords Insurance. Or if you are looking for Business Interruption Insurance insights, there are lots of new posts around that topic. If you're an expert in the areas of Landlord Insurance or Business Interruption, post content on it now. Reach out if you need support, we are here to help - support@advisr.com.au

  2. Get customers to leave online reviews
    Right now is a great time to build a customer review acquisition strategy. With more and more people turning to online channels, online reviews are even more essential. Advisr reviews are easy to build and very valuable. Google include Advisr reviews when people are searching for a broker's name or for a brokerage as part of a Google Local Business listing. Below is a graphic you can add quickly and easily into your email signature to start building your online reviews

    1: Download this image (right-click and "save as")
    2: Add it into your email signature - Google How to change my email signature 
    3: Link the image to your Advisr profile Add this graphic to your email signature and link to your Advisr profile.


  3. Be useful
    That might take different forms, but be useful. Find one way to be useful to your customers. They will remember it and thank you for it.

  4. Update your Advisr Specialist Services

    On your Advisr profile, you can control the Specialist Services that you offer. So update your specialist services to reflect recent changes and trends. It is the easiest way to make sure that people who are looking for that specific service area can find and connect with you directly. A quick way to identify new or evolving specialist services is to listen to your customers; if customers are asking for different insurance types or forms, they are probably not alone. Remember a strong Advisr profile is one sure way to help you dominate in Google.  

  5. Understand Business Interruption T&Cs and Landlords Insurance
    Now is the time to know the details of your client's policies and to give them comfort around the details when they ask. Getting across the details is essential. Now is the time. Also, it is worth saying that policy inclusions and exclusions for new policies will change. So stay across these changes, share them early and educate your customers and potential customers about why. Knowledge around these insurance areas is in demand. So getting across them makes sense.

  6. Do a digital marketing course (earn CPD points)
    The Advisr Digital Marketing course shares insights from experts with over 20 years of digital marketing experience working for some of the biggest brands (eBay, Fairfax, CBA, AMEX, Canon, Spotify and many more). Better yet, you can do it in your own time. Earn CPD points whilst you're working from home. Getting educated could be the one thing you do that makes a big difference to your career and your brokerage. REGISTER NOW: $50 well invested.

  7. Add more value to your brokerage - what ways are you innovating?
    Find ways to add value to your brokerage. There are jobs to be done. Find them and do them. Your bosses are stressed too. It is their job to stay calm and steady the ship. Step up and find ways to add value. Whilst this approach is always true, now it is essential. What is one more way you could bring value to your brokerage today?

  8. Share your tips for client interactions: Facetime, Zoom, social distancing measures
    How have you managed your transition to working in a new way? What has worked and what hasn't? Share your tips. Here is an article from Mark Cohen, new divisional CEO at Claims Central. Mark shares tips on working from home, getting your video conference to work well and other practical tips.

  9. Where possible, have some fun
    Share something light-hearted. Lift the mood of your clients. Listen to them. Imagine if every new insurance policy comes with a veggie box or 2 pack of toilet paper. These small gestures can lift the mood for clients and make you memorable.

  10. Support your local heroes
    We all know a local hero who is stepping up and making a big difference at this time. Call them out, support them as best you can. In a practical way, where possible. Support your local health care workers, front-line staff, teachers and other essential services. We all are better off because they keep turning up and doing their jobs.

If we can help you in any way, please reach out and let us know what you need. We are here to help. In particular, if your employment situation has changed, please get in touch.  

Advisr does not provide advice and does not hold a financial service license (AFSL). All information above has been provided by Andy Jamieson.

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