Travel after COVID-19, how Agile is putting customers first

Travel after COVID-19, how Agile is putting customers first

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Why does someone need Travel Insurance?

We're about to release an updated travel product, pricing and wording to ensure we're meeting the needs of travel insurance customers in a COVID-19 world.

Travel Insurance that considers COVID-19, will be vital coverage for solo travellers, couples and families in the next year.


What are three changes are you seeing in Travel insurance? 

1. New Travel Insurance products will emerge to meet customer expectations around COVID-19 but there will be gaps. Customers will need to be guided through these changes.

2. We will see travel bubbles will appear as countries contain and control COVID-19. The travel industry is pushing hard for travel between Australia and COVID-19 contained countries in Oceania. The number of countries and destinations available should increase over time. Relaxing Covid rules.

3. With some key brands restructuring their travel programs and key broker programs, some suspending their sales and operations, customers will need guidance from insurance brokers. Our program will support brokers and customers with specific needs in a COVID-19 travel world.


What does Agile enable for Travel Insurance? Can you tell me one story when Travel  Insurance has proved invaluable for a client?

Agile has compiled an experienced team by partnering with and who have experience with over one million policies in the Australian market.

This team has dealt with a range of medical emergencies that have been integral to the safe repatriation and survival of critically ill customers.


What stories do you hear when people are moving to or choosing Agile. When has someone called you because they didn't have Travel Insurance? What happened?

Here's a review from a recent customer...

"Excellent service throughout Covid 19 chaos. This is the first time I've used TWJ (TravelWithJane) and I would recommend them to anyone. I had a claim for a return flight to Brisbane after my flight was cancelled in the Covid 19 emergency. The communication by both phone and email was first class and my claim was partially settled far sooner than I expected. I am still awaiting word from Singapore Airlines before the claim can be fully completed, but I have no concerns that TWJ will honour their responsibilities."

Check out the review here -


What are three things do you believe people should consider with Travel insurance?

1. Always look and consider the travel situation and advice from DFAT on

2. Consider whether you need additional coverage for specific components of their trip like devices, pregnancy or adventure -

3. Make sure you declare your medical conditions through an additional screening tool to ensure you’re covered for all risks.


What is your background and experience in Travel Insurance?

Over fifteen years in the travel insurance industry, working with,, Hollard travel and


How does Agile make Travel Insurance easier?

Agile offers a comprehensive Travel Insurance product at a competitive price on an easy to use system.


General Advice Warning: This advice is general and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether the advice is appropriate for you and your personal circumstances. Before you make any decision about whether to acquire a certain product, you should obtain and read the relevant product disclosure statement.

Agile Underwriting Services ABN : 48 607 908 243, AFSL : 483374

Advisr does not provide advice and does not hold a financial service license (AFSL). All information above has been provided by Agile Underwriting Services.

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