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How Boat Insurance Lets You Enjoy Your Boating Lifestyle

Getting out on the water in your boat is a great experience. When you go out on the water, you're far more likely to make lasting memories than you are at home. You might want to try boating, but take note that it is also important to be cautious of the possible risks that come with boating as a recreational activity. That's why it's important to protect your boat with appropriate boat insurance. When you spend time on the water with friends, family, or others you love, it's easy to treasure the memories. Protecting your boat with a quality boat insurance policy is an important consideration for anyone who loves spending time on the water with their boat. A boat is a big investment for most people. Protecting your boat with the best risk management plan will ensure that you get to enjoy the memories you make on the water.

What is boat insurance?

Boat insurance can help protect you and your boat from certain watercraft-related risks, including property coverage that covers the repair needs that you might be doing after an unforeseen accident. In some instances, it may also allow you to buy a new boat in case it was stolen or badly damaged.

Is boat insurance a good investment?

It is worth considering having boat insurance coverage, even in states that do not require it.  
If you live in a state that doesn’t require boat insurance, there’s no reason not to take out coverage. Your boat is an investment, but an investment that takes a beating over time. You should be mindful that it’s subject to hazards like hurricanes and fires. This may also include instances when you’re caught off guard and the risk around you is not visible which also affects third parties like passengers and properties.

Boat insurance can cover many different types of watercraft including yachts, powerboats, sail boats, jetskis, dinghies and houseboats.

Types of Boat Insurance:

Third-party property:
This is the most basic level of boat insurance coverage and may only cover you for damage to another person's boat or property. Third-party property does not cover you for any damage to your boat or property.

Third-party fire and theft
This increases the coverage of your boat insurance. There might be increased coverage for injuries your boat causes to others and in addition, you might be covered if your boat is stolen or is damaged in a fire or earthquake. However, this type of boat insurance may exclude floods, storms and hail damaage.

Comprehensive boat insurance may provide more exhaustive coverage for your boat, including coverage for storm damage, floods ad hail.

How can Advisr help you?
Avoiding boating accidents is one of the best ways to protect yourself, but sometimes accidents happen even when you’re careful. When they do, boat insurance can offer protection in the case of risks in your boating lifestyle. Contact a boat insurance broker via Advisr now and get you connected with the right boat insurance broker in Australia.
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