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Spare a weekend for property maintenance this winter

As the weather gets colder and Winter sets in it can be less fun to go outside, however it is a time for extra care to be taken around the home and business to ensure gutters are not blocked and nearby trees are not endangering properties.

Mitigation is the word on everyone’s lips after the devastating floods brought by three La Nina weather phenomena, and simple measures will help satisfy your insurer that reasonable precautions have been undertaken to protect assets from damage.

Insurers are spreading the word loud and clear that customers need to do their part in taking preventative action before wild weather strikes – or risk voiding a future claim. Carrying out regular maintenance and not allowing your property to fall into disrepair is vital.

Water is a powerful force, and once it gets into a building it can cause tremendous damage, and with a likely flip to El Nino conditions just around the corner, we’ll be worrying about bushfires before you know it.

Australian business owners are encouraged to take simple steps. Wild weather is certain to arrive at some point and a bit of maintenance goes a long way to protect your property.

This includes keeping gutters and drains clear, checking your roof for signs of damage – particularly tiles and flashings, cutting down loose tree branches and removing debris which can become projectiles in high wind, and ensuring fences are in good condition and removing or fixing loose boards.

Ahead of a storm, secure heavy items such as outdoor furniture and BBQs. Park vehicles under cover and write down contacts in case you lose internet access.

Close all your windows and doors, curtains and blinds, and consider using sandbags if your property is flood prone.

Such simple maintenance actions can markedly reduce damage during wild weather, although it is vital small business owners take the utmost care and do so safely or call in an expert.

Claim events can be excluded if your property has not been well maintained – but do take care if you’re cleaning those gutters yourself. Falls are Australia’s number one cause of injury or death and more than 6500 people are hospitalised a year after falling from a ladder.

Making a claim can be stressful, and preparing your property ahead of time may even avoid the need to make a claim all together.

General Advice Warning: This advice is general and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether the advice is appropriate for you and your personal circumstances. Before you make any decision about whether to acquire a certain product, you should obtain and read the relevant product disclosure statement.

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This article originally appeared on Adroit Blog and has been published here with permission.

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