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What type of insurance do you need?

Not sure what type of insurance you need for your business or personal life? Here are the most popular types of insurance on Advisr.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Find an insurance broker for your business.

From big corporates to small businesses you need an expert who understands.

General Insurance

General Insurance

Need insurance to cover your home, car, travel and more?

An insurance broker can help cover your complex personal risks.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Cover your business for emerging cyber risks.

An insurance broker who understands cyber can help protect your business.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Do you offer professional advice?

Cover your business for the risks of giving advice.

What sort of business are you?

Find the best insurance broker for your business. Here are some of the industries brokers on Advisr specialise in.

Professional Services Insurance

Do you know the risks of your profession?

An insurance broker with expertise in your field knows.

Transport & Logistics Insurance

Trucking and transporting with big rigs or small involves risk.

An insurance broker who understands is critical.

Not for Profits Insurance

While you're helping others, who is helping you?

Find an insurance broker who understands your enterprise.

Motor Trades Insurance

Motor Trades work with risk all day, every day.

Do you know if you're covered? Find out today.

Construction Insurance

On complex building sites the risks are endless.

Insurance coverage will help you keep building.

Farmers Insurance

Working the land has its risks. Do you know them?

Find an insurance broker who does. Cover your business for the risks of working the land.

Tradies Insurance

Tradies face daily risk, whether on site or on the road.

Talk to an insurance broker to make sure you and your team are covered.

Restaurant and Cafe Insurance

Your days and nights are filled with people, food and risk.

Find an insurance broker passionate about your risk.

Where are you located?

Select an insurance broker near you to find the local expertise you need.

Featured Insurance Brokers

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6 reviews

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Joe Daley

AJ Insurance Services

  • Typically replies within
    a few minutes
  • Review rating
    36 reviews

    Featured Featured

    Aimee Henderson

    Grace Insurance

  • Typically replies within
    a few hours
  • Review rating
    16 reviews
    Review rating
    167 reviews

    Featured Featured

    Daniel Ufer

    Priority Insurance Brokers

  • Typically replies within
    a day
  • Review rating
    22 reviews

    Featured Featured

    Abbie Wilson

    National Insurance Brokers

  • Typically replies within
    a few hours
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    Updated: 1 year ago

    Insurance brokers help businesses and people to understand the risks that they face. They are experts at finding insurance coverage to reduce the economic impact when something goes wrong and a loss event occurs. Insurance brokers work for their clients and not for the insurers who provide the underlying insurance product.

    Updated: 1 year ago

    Advisr connects people with an insurance broker they can trust. Advisr helps you to find an insurance broker who has expertise in the areas you are looking for. With insurance brokers from all over Australia, you can find and connect with an insurance broker that is right for you.

    Updated: 1 year ago

    Insurance provides a guarantee that the impact you face, predominantly financial, during a loss event can be reduced. Some insurance is required by law to operate a business and other insurances are entered into voluntarily to provide cover and reduce the impact that a person or business might experience from potential loss events.

    Updated: 1 year ago

    Advisr exists to connect people with an insurance broker they can trust. We are independent, transparent and seeking to connect customers with the right insurance broker for their needs. We do this by showcasing insurance brokers based on their category or industry expertise or by their location.

    Advisr highlights both the individual insurance broker and the brokerage that they work for. We know that the name on the door and the person you deal with are important.

    Advisr is based on trusted referrals, given by real customers, and we work with expert insurance brokers to enable them to educate and inform people who are looking for assistance with their insurance. Advisr connects people with an Insurance Broker they can trust.

    Updated: 1 year ago

    Great question. Firstly, it is worth saying that Advisr is independent, transparent and 100% focused on delivering a great experience for you that helps to find an insurance broker you can trust.

    We will be honest when an Ad is an Ad.

    Advisr makes money through a few avenues.

    1. Insurance brokers and brokerages can opt to have an Advisr Featured profile. Advisr Featured profiles are shown on our homepage and given increased exposure on relevant insurance category pages. Advisr Featured profiles are randomly shown and brokers and brokerages need to be experts in the category they are listed in. Our fees are a flat monthly or annual subscription and provide brokers with increased exposure to a highly relevant audience.
    2. Sometimes brokers need some help creating content and our editorial team is engaged to assist them as and when required.
    3. Integrated advertising placements are an additional way we are remunerated.

    We're happy to be transparent in letting you know how we make money and if you want to know more, then feel free to connect directly with our CEO, Andy Jamieson.

    Updated: 1 year ago

    Advisr is independent of all insurance companies and insurance brokerage clusters, networks and groups. We work with any insurance company, insurance broker or brokerage or authorised representative where we see a way to support the intermediated insurance space.

    So, if there is an insurance company, insurance broker or another insurance expert that we're not engaged with and you'd like us to, then please let us know and we'll engage with them.

    Updated: 1 year ago

    No, Advisr is not a comparison engine. Advisr doesn't simply compare insurance based on price. At Advisr, we realise the value of good independent advice and want to make it easy for you to find an expert insurance broker or authorised representative that you can trust.

    Updated: 1 year ago

    Advisr works for both businesses and individuals. As the insurance brokers listed on Advisr can service clients across the size and scope of the market.

    Advisr exists so you can find the right insurance broker that you are looking for. So regardless of your size or complexity, finding an Insurance Broker via Advisr can help you manage whatever insurance requirements you have.

    People love using Advisr

    “ I easily found an insurance broker through Advisr and had a very good timely response. Very helpful. ”
    “ Advisr is great. As an insurance broker, our reputations are everything. Advisr provides a way for us to highlight our reputations to prospective customers online. It is innovative, easy to use and... ”
    “ Advisr made it really easy to find and connect with the right insurance broker for us. Many options are available, the information on what they specialise in and others' feedback is really helpful... ”
    “ Advisr is just what the industry needs. As an independent broker my reputation online is critical to attracting new customers. At first I was nervous about customers leaving ratings and reviews... ”