Use a drone for business or as part of your job?

Use a drone for business or as part of your job?

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If you use a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (drone) for business or used as part of your job, the latest update from CASA will apply to you.

CASA now requires anyone who intends to fly a drone for business purposes to gain a RPA Operator Accreditation unless they already hold a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL). For more information about CASA’s accreditation process, please visit

In addition, CASA have also mandated that any drones flown for business or as part of your job will need to be registered with CASA. Further information about registering a drone can be found here

Accreditation and Registration for commercial drones is required by 20th January 2021. Accreditation is free and valid for 3 years, drone registration is free until June 2021 and valid for 1 year.

From 28 January 2021, fines up to $11,100 can be issued for unregistered commercial drones and unaccredited drone operators.

If you or your business uses drones, contact Tudor Insurance Australia about how you can be automatically covered under a public liability policy.


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