Getting your business ready for La Nina

Getting your business ready for La Nina

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Being able to protect your business against all eventualities is crucial for success. One threat that is more likely than others is storm season. Last year alone, storm damage and natural disasters cost Australian businesses more than $18.7 billion – a figure that is set to double over the next decade.

With the La Nina weather event fast-approaching once again, preparing your business for storm season is absolutely crucial. If you live in the north of Australia, where La Nina’s impact is due to be more harshly felt, this preparation is all the more urgent. But what is La Nina going to bring this summer?

Most forecasters expect there to be intense flooding in much of Northern Australia, which is why it is all the most important to prepare your business now, while there is still time. Read on to find out how to prepare your business for La Nina 2021.


1. Protect Your Building

The first thing you should be doing to prepare your business for La Nina winter weather is to ensure your premises are ready for the extreme weather that is likely to come. As mentioned, heavy rainfall and flooding are likely to hit much of northern Australia. This means you should be taking the following steps to protect your building:

  • Repair your roof tiles and guttering to ensure your building is as watertight as possible
  • Install an anti-flooding pump in the basement of the property
  • Make sure your drainage system is totally clear
  • Fix any outstanding maintenance problems now

By following these simple steps, you can prepare your business for the worst.


2. Arrange an Inspection

The next step should be to arrange a safety inspection for your business premises. This is not too hard, as your local council will likely offer this service. If not, they should be able to put you in touch with a trusted contractor or service provider that will perform an inspection of your premises. The inspection will highlight any vulnerabilities in your property and give you a checklist of what you need to do to keep safe.


3. Get Insured

La Nina, by definition, is an extreme weather event. That is why it is absolutely essential to ensure that your business is fully insured against any damage it may sustain.

Always consult a trusted Australian insurance provider that will be able to offer the comprehensive business insurance you need. If you are insured, you can sleep easy knowing that your losses will be covered.


4. Keep Yourself and Employees Safe

Finally, it is important to have a plan to keep yourself, your family, and your employees safe in the event of extreme La Nina weather. This means putting a comprehensive evacuation plan in place, should the worst-case scenario unfold. You should make sure everyone knows how to reach safety in the event of sudden and extreme flooding.

You should make sure you know which emergency services to contact and you should establish when it is time to evacuate. This way, you can ensure that bad weather does not become a deadly event.


Stay Insured Against La Nina This Winter

All the preparation in the world may not be enough to prevent La Nina from damaging your place of business. That is why the best protection you could possibly have is insurance. To find out more about La Nine business insurance protection, do not hesitate to give us a ring today.


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