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How much does Mechanic Insurance cost?

Insurance for your motor mechanic business is critical to protecting your business financially over the long term. Unexpected incidents can be costly and may even cause your business to close if you are not prepared.
So how much does mechanic insurance cost? Is it worth it?
What types of insurance does a motor mechanic need?
To fully cover your motor mechanic business there are many types of insurance to consider with the help of an insurance broker for motor mechanics. Some to ask about include:
What factors impact the cost of my motor mechanics insurance?
Some of the factors that may increase or decrease your premium cost include:
  • Do you offer a mobile service?
  • Have you made any workplace safety upgrades?
  • Have your staff completed any new training?
  • Do you take cars out for test drives on public roads?
  • Are your customers’ cars left on or outside your premises overnight?
  • Are your premises secured adequately?
  • Have you actioned any disaster preparation measures?
  • Do you service exotic or high value cars?
  • If you are renting a property, what insurances are you responsible for?
  • How much specialised equipment do you run?
  • Do you have a courtesy car or delivery van?
  • What cyber security measures do you have in place?
  • Do you service commercial vehicles over 2 tonne carrying capacity?
Each of these questions is a starting point in working out the level and cost of insurance for your motor mechanics business.
How can I reduce my motor mechanics insurance costs?

Cyber Liability Insurance is designed to help protect you from claims and support your profitability in the event of a cyber breach or attack.

Public Liability insurance is there to provide protection if someone makes a claim against the insured, the business or its employees.

A business insurance pack can provide cover for your business premises and contents, against loss, damage, theft or financial loss from an insured interruption to the business.

How can I reduce my motor mechanics insurance costs?
The best way to save on your motor mechanics insurance is to review your current coverage with the help of an insurance broker who understands motor mechanics insurance. Here are 7 tips to help reduce the cost of your business insurance:
  1. Remove unnecessary coverage: Do I need all the policies I have? Am I covered for anything I don’t need?
  2. Review your level of cover: Do I have the right levels of cover for my equipment value or stock on hand? Are my revenue and staff numbers accurate in my policies?
  3. Ask about different cost structures: Can I pay annually?
  4. Shop around: Are there any new policies available with better value?
  5. Look for a package deal: Would a business pack work for me?
  6. Reduce your risk: Have I done a risk assessment and can I introduce workplace safety changes?
  7. Just ask: How can I get a discount on my insurance?
Your insurance broker is your best ally in helping to both reduce your motor mechanics insurance premiums while also ensuring the financial stability of your motor mechanics business.
If you are running a motor mechanic workshop Urban Insurance can help to ensure that adequate motor mechanic insurance is in place to ensure your workshop is covered for all of its risks.
General Advice Warning: This advice is general and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether the advice is appropriate for you and your personal circumstances. Before you make any decision about whether to acquire a certain product, you should obtain and read the relevant product disclosure statement.

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Naweed Lateef, Urban Insurance

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