3 tips to save you money on your business insurance

How we can save you money on your business insurance

Are you finding your insurance premiums are continually rising each year? Are you concerned that you are spending more on your insurance policies than your business can afford? There are a number of things that can impact your insurance premiums and there are many ways we can potentially reduce them too. We look at a few ways an insurance adviser can help keep the costs down for your business.


LARK Insurance save money on insurance premiums


Review your level of cover

What should my sum insured be? It seems like an obvious question, but for many people it isn’t. Depending on the type of policy, there are often a number of different limits and sums insured that can be altered to help reduce the overall cost of your insurance. During our risk-assessment process, we work with you to identify the amount of cover you need so you don’t have to worry about making sure you the limit is too high or too low. We offer complimentary risk assessments, so get in touch today.


Review your insurer

Have you been with the same insurer for years? Do you get the renewal via email/in the post and just pay it and move on? While most have the best intentions, it can be both time consuming and boring to source out new insurance quotes, not to mention knowing the worry of taking out a cheap and nasty policy.

The vast majority of insurance companies specialise in certain industries, As insurance advisers, we have relationships with a large panel of insurers, so we know who to go to get the right policy for you.


Review your policies

Have you got a range of different insurance policies all over the place? Do you find that its hard to keep track of direct debits as they come out all over the month? Often times when we meet new clients, we find they have this exact issue. It can lead to paying enormous amounts across the month/year without realising it.

We have found a great way to save our clients money on their insurance premiums is to group policies together where possible. For example, if your business has a few vehicles, we are able to put them all on the same policy and often times dramatically reduce your ongoing premiums.

If you are finding your insurances are all over the place or feel you are paying too much, get in touch with us today to talk about how we can reduce your business insurance premiums.

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