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Are you towing your caravan illegally?

It’s time to pack the caravan and head for warmer climates!

Before you leave make sure that you check your vehicles towing capacity. A recent report on the ABC highlighted that the Queensland governments recent blitz, found that most of the caravans in Qld were either over the weight limit or had issues with load distribution.
The bottom line is most insurers will have an exclusion for an accident where incorrect loads are being towed, this applies equally to commercial enterprises and anyone towing a vehicle. 

The best advice is
  1. Understand your vehicles towing capacity and understand the weight of your fully loaded caravan
  2. Is the ball weight on the van too high, is the overall weight of the van and the loaded vehicle too high? If you are taking full water tanks, are you considering the weight of the water?
  3. Consider going to a public weighbridge to ensure that you are within limits. This will not only help you avoid an accident but will also assist an assessment if an accident occurs.

Contact us for more advice.

While we are discussing caravans, there has been advice given that the Swift 500 cookers are NOT to be used after the WA Dept of Mines identified a serious safety issue. These cookers might explode which could really ruin your holiday. 

Safe travels!
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This article originally appeared on Centrewest News and has been published here with permission.

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