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Report: What innovation really means for insurance brokers

Cutting through the hype to innovate as an insurance broker

When you're fully focused on building your business, the barrage of messaging around innovation can feel overwhelming, and sometimes, like hype. As tempting as it might be to block out the buzz and busy yourself doing what you've always done - particularly when it's worked thus far - the reality is that to compete you have no choice but to engage with change. As a broker, you need to embrace the disruption happening right now because it's shaping the industry for the future, and you want to be part of that future. In fact, your customers demand it. This report cuts through the innovation hype and buzzwords to explain how insurance brokers can embrace change, and turn doubts cast by the Royal Commission into opportunities as the industry evolves. As innovative and new as some Insurtech solutions are, an insurance broker with years of experience is in a solid position, especially if they're able to market their services digitally. "We must adapt to the changing service environment," says Adam Ware, Account Manager, BJS Insurance Brokers and winner of Insurance Business magazine ‘Young Guns' award. Get up to speed with industry innovations and customer expectations by reading the report:

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