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VIE Legal Insurance


VIE Legal Insurance

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We make litigation possible for those who otherwise would not bring a claim due to the financial risk involved. This not only increases access to justice for clients but saves time, money and mistakes for people involved in the litigation process.

The litigation funding and insurance markets exist to help clients who either lack the funds to pursue a legal case or who have the funds but would like to reduce or eliminate the risk. We work closely with you and your legal team to put in place insurance and/or funding arrangements to limit as much as possible your financial exposure in bringing your legal claim.

We have some of the best knowledge, experience and relationships with litigation funders and insurers in Australia, meaning clients get the most suitable product for them at the best price.

We arrange litigation insurance for anything from small business disputes to complex commercial cases and provide cover ranging from $100,000 to multi-million dollars.

Products we offer

ATE insurance

ATE insurance (After the event insurance) is an insurance policy taken out after a legal dispute has arisen and provides cover against an opponents costs (can be extended to include disbursement costs*), meaning if unsuccessful, you won't pay your opponents costs.

*disbursement meaning = costs associated with a legal matter, usually organised by the legal practitioner, with the exception of fees for solicitors. Examples of disbursement costs may include: medical records, police reports, expert reports, counsel fees, court fees, witness expenses. A definition by the Federal Court of Australia can be found here.

The premium may be payable either upfront, contingent on the success of your legal dispute or a combination of the two.

Where your policy contains a fully contingent premium, if you are unsuccessful in your legal dispute, the premium will not be payable i.e. you will pay nothing for your cover.

ATE insurance can also be used as "security for costs" instead of making a cash payment into court or using a bank guarantee.

BTE Insurance

BTE insurance protects against the unexpected. It gives you, or could enable your business, peace of mind that you could survive the unexpected, and often significant, costs of a potential legal dispute. It can help you understand your rights ahead of a potential issue or legal representation and avoid the expenses from an unexpected claim. A variety of legal help is available which can be tailored to your business or own personal requirements:

Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance (e.g. contract disputes or employment tribunals).

Property Letting Disputes.

Employment Issues.

Assistance with Loss caused from severe incidents, like a flood.

Family legal expenses insurance.

Motor legal expenses insurance.

Home emergency insurance.

M&A insurance

Mergers and acquisitions, also known as warranties and indemnities insurance protects either buyers or sellers against warranty breaches which can save the stress and time of warranties and indemnities negotiations:

Higher sales prices

Financial security for buyers and sellers

Offers a cleaner exit for sellers

Complements private equity distribution terms

Protects the buyer and sellers relationship

Better value for money than an escrow

Simplifies and speeds up negotiations

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