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Travis Hargreaves


Travis Hargreaves

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I have been in the insurance industry for over 10 years, and even now after this time I still enjoy meeting new clients and learning about their businesses. I am fortunate enough to have lived in a number of diverse cities and towns, both coastal and rural. I have played an active part in their communities, sporting organisations and social circles. I believe this life experience has given me the ability to connect with, and understand, people from varying walks of life. Now running my own business I can apply my life experiences and values of which I hold in the highest regard. My family is my number one priority, this is then followed by honesty and personal integrity. Trust isn't something that you can 'sell to clients' but achieved by being honest. I believe that all my clients trust me as I am always transparent in my advice and services that I provide. Everyone must have a reason why we get out of bed each day and do what we do. What drives me...... Well of course the obvious one is to be successful and support my family, but secondly is I enjoy doing what I do which is helping my clients ensure that their business and assets are correctly insured and protected.

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