Online Sellers Insurance

Online Sellers Insurance

Selling on Amazon and other online marketplaces is a fast-growing small business and side hustle for Aussie entrepreneurs. As Amazon establishes itself further in Australia and online shopping continues to overtake the highstreet, businesses selling online will only increase.

Insurance has been historically difficult for online sellers

My husband Peter and I started a side business selling via Amazon alongside our insurance business and discovered insurance was not easy to get for online sellers. The risks involved in online selling are high and complex due to the nature of the business and the fact that cover is needed worldwide including the United States. Imagine all the things that can go wrong from sending a package abroad, potential damage or loss on the way, issues once the item gets to the customer such as accidental breakage, or problems with the product itself.

Online sellers can now insure their online business

Amazon Sellers now have the ability to insure their online business through a tailored insurance policy with Online Sellers Insurance. Our team of experienced insurance agents consider the individual needs of each business owner. Our policy offers $1,000,000 (and higher) cover for product liability, bodily injury, personal injury and property damage in line with Amazon's Business Solutions Agreement.

How we got into selling online ourselves

We were running an Insurance business with two kids. Peter was looking for a side hustle and had always been interested in starting an online business to earn some passive income. We found an Australian-based Amazon community and joined their course called Reliable Education. We followed the teachings of the FBA Amazon model, i.e. sourced products in China, put our own branding on them and shipped them to Amazon fulfilment centres all over the USA and the Amazon platform provided the buyers." The plan worked; we now do 30 - 40 thousand USD per month in sales after starting 18 months ago. We found that not only did this supplement our incomes, it meant we were able to quit our day jobs in general insurance and work in this exciting new industry. Others in our group have built similar even larger regular, reliable incomes using the Amazon FBA model.

Through the Amazon community we identified a gap in the insurance market for online sellers.

We set our minds on finding a solution for online sellers to protect their stock, assets and business through tailored insurance just for Amazon and other ecommerce sellers.

Online Sellers Insurance was established, and we have created the most complete and compliant insurance solutions for the online business space. The policies we recommend, offer WORLDWIDE cover and are FULLY Amazon compliant. Through the business connections we have built within Amazon and the continued support of our Steadfast Broker Network, we are well on track to be the number 1 insurance solution for online sellers provider for Australia, New Zealand and most of SouthEast Asia within the next 6 months. 


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Roxanne Heibloem, Online Sellers Insurance Pty Ltd, ABN : 76 625 227 394, AFSL : 233750 CAR Number: 1261379

Advisr does not provide advice and does not hold a financial service license (AFSL). All information above has been provided by Roxanne Heibloem.

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