Covertech Unveils Proceso: A Cutting-Edge Insurtech Solution for Australian Insurance Brokers


A Cutting-Edge Insurtech Solution for Australian
Insurance Brokers

Brisbane, Australia—15th March 2024—Covertech, an Australian insurtech company, is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of Proceso, a revolutionary automation tool designed exclusively for Australian general insurance brokers.

This significant event coincides with the Steadfast Convention in Brisbane, where Covertech is offering an exclusive opportunity to Steadfast INSIGHT users.

Proceso represents the next evolution in insurance technology, seamlessly combining advanced automation capabilities with deep industry expertise.

Proceso empowers insurance brokers to streamline critical operations, including quoting, risk assessment, and data management, by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and automation.

What sets Proceso apart is its unparalleled integration with leading industry platforms such as INSIGHT, SCTP, Insurers Portals and Sunrise.

This seamless integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and accelerates the quote generation process, enabling brokers to deliver faster, more accurate quotes to their clients.

As part of its commitment to driving innovation in the insurance industry, Covertech offers Steadfast INSIGHT users an exclusive three-month free trial of Proceso. This limited-time offer allows INSIGHT users to experience firsthand the transformative power of Proceso with no obligation or commitment required.

Steve Sloan, the Managing Director of Covertech, explained the reason behind targeting Steadfast INSIGHT users. According to him, INSIGHT is the leading brokerage software in Australia with 216 brokerages and 6,600 users. By targeting INSIGHT users, they can seamlessly integrate Proceso into their existing workflows and offer immediate benefits with a seamless transition.

Sloan stated that Proceso is a game-changing solution for insurance brokerage. By utilising advanced insurtech tools like Proceso, insurance brokers can achieve higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Covertech aims to provide insurance brokers in Australia with the tools to embrace the digital revolution and stay ahead of the competition through Proceso.

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About Covertech:
Covertech is a leading Australian insurtech company dedicated to driving innovation and transformation in the insurance industry. Focusing on automation, data management, and integration, Covertech empowers insurance professionals to deliver superior customer experiences and achieve sustainable growth.

(*Source: Steadfast Groups 1H24 Results) 

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