Is it time to take control of your insurances? Let us help.

Take control of your business insurances to help you sleep easier.

Are your insurances are all over the place? Do you find that it is hard to keep up with where your policies are and what they actually cover? It’s something we see surprisingly often when we first meet with clients.

Besides the obvious additional stress this can have on your time and cashflow, there is a lot of extra risk associated with a mismanaged or non-existent insurance plan including assets being underinsured/uninsured, insurance provider relying on old information (this can lead to claims being denied), policies lapsing due to non-payment or not being renewed.

These impacts can have devastating consequences if something was to happen.

At LARK Insurance, we want to help give you a professional insurance plan so you can spend more time running your business and know that you have the right covers in place. Here’s the process we follow to help get your insurances sorted:

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment: We will conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of your situation where we will look at what risks your business faces. This helps us to map out what covers your business needs as well as allowing us to reduce any potential risks without relying on an insurance policy (a good way to save you some money).
  • Insurance Review: We will perform a full review of your current insurance policies, researching existing providers and policies and looking at what else is available on the market to ensure that you have the right policy at the right price.
  • Insurance Management: We will look to ensure we have all of your policies due at the same time throughout the year. This means you won’t be reviewing covers multiple times throughout the year. We can use premium funding options to ensure that you pay one premium per month and any changes throughout the year can be added to this policy as well.
  • Professional service: LARK Insurance will be here to look after you. If you have any questions, concerns or changes you need to make, we are your first point of call. We also offer claims support, so if something does happen you can call us to ensure it is handled in a fast and efficient manner.

At LARK Insurance, we are here to make sure you have more time in your day to run your business without having to worry about where your insurances are, or what they cover. Speak to us today to book your complimentary appointment and take control of your insurances.

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