Insurance renewal coming up? 3 reasons why you should get an insurance review.

Why you should review your business insurances today.

How often do you receive your insurance renewal in the mail and just go pay the invoice without even considering what you are actually covered for? The truth is, this happens quite a lot.


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The insurance market is always changing. Insurers’ risk appetites are changing, prices are changing, level of covers are changing, all of this can mean that you might have gotten the best deal when you took the policy out, but now you might have an expensive and inappropriate policy for your situation.

At LARK Insurance, we run through a risk assessment process that can help ensure that you have the right business insurance policy to suit your needs. Our clients have found this process has given them the peace of mind they really need around their business insurance.


Insurance brokers can save you money

Nobody likes to spend more than they need to, especially on insurance. We have access to a wide panel of insurers and can structure your covers to save you money. Part of our core business is looking to make sure that our clients have insurance policies that are competitively priced. We go through this process with every policy we put in force so you can rest assured you aren’t paying more than you need to.


We can get you a great policy

While those ads on TV always talk about cheaper policies, there is usually a reason why. We often find that cheaper policies mean gaps in cover and very long and painful claims processes. We are here to get you the cover you need to get the job done.


Insurance policies to match your needs

We can look at ways to make your insurances more manageable throughout the year, whether this is through pay-by-the-month options, adding extra items throughout the year, putting insured items on the same policies, we can make it work to get you what you need.


When your insurance renewal comes up, gives us a call or get in touch to find out how we can get you the most out of your policy.

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