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Ian Ferris


Ian Ferris

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General Insurance Broking, specialising in face to face service & advice wherever possible, particularly for new clients, building a professional and personal relationship is extremely important and it gives us the opportunity to really understand a client's business and what they are trying to achieve and then structure an appropriate package specifically for them. Consistent efficient communication and reviews are always important, high-class insurance management is not a set-and-forget situation, personal involvement, quality advice & diligent claims management is the entire delivery of the promise.

I am very fortunate to love the career I have and I'm very passionate about getting insurance set correctly. After 25 years in the industry (23 years as a Broker), and with managing a diverse client portfolio, it still amazes me to see how often new clients have in the past received incomplete or inaccurate advice. Our team is incredible, all with the same drive to do it right every time and always deliver more than is expected. This is why some of the clients we have at YIB are still here after the 23 years I have been here and our best source of growth is our reputation and client referrals.

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