The Advisr API

Dynamically update the team page on your website.

Showcase your customer reviews on your website.

Using the Advisr API you can capture and share customer reviews on your website, enable your teams to automatically keep their website team page details up to date and much much more.

Highlight Your Team to Your Customers

Your team is your business. Putting them front and centre helps clients find and engage with them quickly and easily. But people come and go so team pages are hard to maintain. The Advisr API makes this easy.

Use all your business information from your Advisr profiles to power your website. Simple to use and easy to implement. Your team's information is always up to date. Add and remove team members easily. Incorporate customer reviews to build trust and when a new review happens on Advisr it gets seen on your website automatically.

What do I get with an Advisr-powered team page?

Quickly keep your team page up to date on your website

New team member joined? No worries, we’ve already added them for you to your team page with one simple change. Your employee data is automatically updated and pushed live on your site – never have old broker information on your website again.

Easily reduce time developing and maintaining.

Build on top of Advisr APIs to enable your site. No maintenance of your current team page, tap into our enhanced search capabilities and expand into new insurance lines, products and industries easily.

Dynamically reflect changes instantly.

Advisr technological capabilities and product focus enables dynamic content to be shown on your website. New customer reviews, once approved, are live instantly.

  • View individual team members
  • Match the look and feel to your website
  • Choose the data fields you want to display

Get my customer reviews from Advisr onto my website.

Now you can easily incorporate your customer reviews from Advisr into your website. As new customer reviews are added into Advisr, they automatically appear on your website.

Advisr API - Technical Documentation

Our REST API is open to key partners and enables authenticated access to rich data stored on Advisr. This means you can rely on our backend to provide data to be consumed by your website or front-end service.

Full technical documentation is available as per the sample below. Get in touch and we can answer any questions.

About Advisr

Advisr is a technology platform that connects people with an insurance broker. Advisr enables customers to find and connect with an insurance broker based on their specialisation, location, experience and customer feedback. Advisr focuses on both the broker and the brokerage, enabling brokers to build and showcase their reputation online.

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