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Jenkins Insurance & Financial Services Pty Ltd
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Dean Jenkins


Dean Jenkins


Jenkins Insurance & Financial Services Pty Ltd

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Dean Jenkins from Jenkins Insurance & Financial Services Pty Ltd - "Translating Insurance"

Having worked in the Insurance & Financial Services
Industry for over 25 years across various continents, felt it was time to steer the business in a direction where we can continue to support clients and contribute to our
overall industry.

As the Director of the business, throughout my career, one thing I've also held is a genuine
passion for what I do and always put clients first, seeing them protected,
helping them grow, and most importantly thrive. This
remains key today and forms the vision of the business moving forward.

Claims can be a difficult and convoluted
process at a time where emotions can run high and adds to the confusion. The opportunity we have as advisors, to
support clients through this is a privilege and we should value the trust clients
place in us at a time where they could be experiencing severe hardship or
potential insolvency.

Given this, we act as extensions to our client's businesses and foster
long term value-based relationships where trust is at the center of
everything we do. 

We know in most cases Insurance and Financial products are
not our client's focus, often seen as "necessary evils" so we look to handle
them, so they don't have to.  No one
actually likes Insurance or Financial products (if they're honest), so the aim is always to first
understand what's needed, truly listen to clients and dig into any
problem, then from there tailor the most suitable solutions, 
translate and simplify them.

So, what makes our firm different from the rest?  You can go to any broker after all and
they'll all promise you similar things (likely using more corporate
jargon).  However, what you get from us
are three things, "Trust, Transparency, and Service"  These might sound like fairly obvious values you'd expect from a broker, but these key areas are often missed.

Trust - Without this nothing works which is true in
all walks of life.  Always having a truly
client-centered approach ensures we adhere to this.

Transparency - This is a promise and covers not only
how we go about obtaining the products and solutions you require, but also how
we get paid for doing it.

Service - This is a promise that when all is said and
done, you can rely on us to be there when needed.

How can we back this up, after all this is just another
corporate introduction on probably a few sites you've visited so far?  Well, when you engage with us, we would
firstly encourage you to speak to our existing clients and ask them what they think
as we're confident they'll back us 100%, and once we have proven ourselves to
your business, we hope you'll be happy to do the same.

Thanks for your time and if you have any questions feel free
to call.

Location Sydney

AFSL 344648
ABN 23 141 574 914
ARN 1287622

Reviews (1 reviews)

Julia Ridout
1 week ago

Dean has provided advice for my family business for the past few years. We are appreciated of the efforts Dean goes through in order to ensure that I have the best cover for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance at a reasonable price.