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8 Recruiter's Tips on How to Ace an Online Interview

With so many people still not able to work from the office, interviewing online has become the new norm.  Although it has some benefits ie: your boss doesn't know you're interviewing elsewhere because you're in the privacy of your own home - online interviews can have their drawbacks - you don't get to physically see your potential new office, technical issues etc.
Here are 8 tips and tricks to nail that next online interview.
1. Test your technology
Ensure the online app is downloaded 20 minutes before your interview so you have time to solve any technical issues.  Test the video and sound are both working.
2. Dress the part
Yes, you're at home and theoretically you could wear your pyjamas, but putting on a crisp white shirt and a suit will put your head in the game. The psychology of dressing for a business meeting not only makes you look like a professional, you'll feel and behave in a more professional manner.  It also indicates to the interviewer that you are prepared, willing to make an effort and respect their time.  So please, wear pants. 
3. Blur your background
Kids, housemates, pets and half nude spouses in the background can be embarrassing and a distraction.  You want the interviewer to be concentrating on what you can bring to the business, not the chaos behind you.
4. Look at the camera
Where possible ensure your camera is placed so that you're looking at the interviewers face/s.  Looking someone in the eye increases rapport and trust.
5. Close down your emails on your second screen
Emails are a constant distraction. 1 minute you're concentrating on providing the interviewer with a prime example of when you've been able to meet conflicting deadlines, the next minute 'ping' you glace and the other screen and your biggest client has a whopping claim.  Your face flushes, "where was I?" you say.  How are you going to concentrate now? All you can think about is solving the claim issue.  So shut that screen down.
6. Put your phone on silent and out of sight
Similar to emails, your phone has the tendency to interrupt and distract you, stay in the zone.

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Similar to emails, your phone has the tendency to interrupt and distract you, stay in the zone.
7. Optimise your lighting and positioning
Make sure you have plenty of light on your face and pull your chair back a bit so when you're gesturing the interviewer can see it.
8. Avoid the tendency to look at your own face
If you really can't help it, move the reflection box so it's somewhere near where the camera sits so it looks as though you're looking at your interviewers face. (point 4).
How to take your online interview preparation to the next level
Whether your interview is virtual or face to face, always ask your recruiter for interview preparation and practice responses to behavioural questions.  Find out as much as a you can about the company - the interviewer will respect that you've done your due diligence.  
Have a bit of banter ready at the beginning, you might find yourself talking to interviewer 1, while interviewer 2 is not online yet.  Small talk "how's your week going? how're you finding lockdown? did you catch the footy last night?" Anything to warm up the room.  
Have intelligent questions ready to ask the interviewer at the end, "why do you like working here? what challenges do you expect I will face in this role? where is the company heading over the next 3-5 years? what are the next steps in the interview process and would you like me to prepare anything?" 
Thank them for their time.  Call your recruitment consultant for a debrief while the experience is fresh in your mind.
If you need help making your next career move or finding your next hire reach out to us at Blake Oliver, recruiters in insurance and risk. You can find a selection of our best roles on Advisr Jobs.
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