Luke Moroney - Search Party Property

Luke Moroney - Search Party Property

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Luke Moroney, from Search Party Propertry

Business: Search Party Property

Started in June 2018.

How can people connect with you?






How do you describe to others what Search Party Property does?

We are a property buyers agent. We work on behalf of a home buyer or property investor to make a purchase. We research the market, infrastructure, cashflow and potential risks to ensure our customers have a strong property investment strategy. We have decades of experience, local knowledge and years of relationship building. Our buyer advocacy service is based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


What are three things someone should talk to you about regarding your business?

1. How can I build wealth through property investing?

2. What property would you recommend - based on your personal situation and the current market.

3. Why do you love property investing and how has property investing changed your life?


What changes do you see happening in your industry? 

How are these a threat of an opportunity?

Like any market that is impacted by the change and reduced growth rates, you start to see fall out. Some businesses won't be around in 12-18 months. The ones that will be, will be thriving, particularly when the market picks up. I also believe consistency is important, particularly in respect to building relationships and business marketing. The opportunity is better quality businesses - which is great for our industry.


Where do you see your business in 5-10 years?

1. More technology focused

2. Customers will be even more educated and willing to front foot and hence will be more proactive in asking for specific deals.

3. Quicker transaction


What are three things that could go wrong in your business that keep you up at night?

1. Slowing of the economy

2. Business decision making

3. Innovation and investment in the business


What are some of the steps you have taken to protect your business?

1. Diversification. We work across three markets - Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

2. Widespread team expertise.

3. Building stronger network .

4. Staying open to different thinking and creative business solutions.


Out of 5, how do you feel about Business Insurance?




What types of business insurance do you have?


Liability insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance


How did you buy your business insurance?


Direct from an insurer

Via an insurance broker



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