Driving whilst uninsured? You're not alone!

Driving whilst uninsured? You're not alone!

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Have you ever driven unregistered or uninsured?

Have you ever driven unregistered or uninsured? The minute you realise what you've been doing you get that terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach. What if something had happened? To you, or to someone else? And with no cover? It doesn't bear thinking about. Maybe you realised you were unregistered after receiving your fine for over $600 after passing one of 460 NSW police vehicles equipped with number plate recognition cameras. Did you know, that since the abolition of registration stickers in 2013, infringements have increased by an average of 54%? The impact of this has been much greater on the older generations, those who've relied on car rego stickers for a long, long time. Those aged 50-64 experienced a 72% increase in infringements, while those 65 and above experienced an alarming 148% increase in infringements. Surely people haven't decided to become wilfully indifferent to protecting themselves and other drivers on the road? So what is it? An innocent mistake? Perhaps you realised you were uninsured when you finally opened your weeks old mail to find your registration and CTP reminders, what a fright! You didn't have that timely and visual reminder that used to be right there on your windscreen (though sometimes not even that is enough). We may not have our rego stickers to remind us and we may not be good at opening our mail, but having your CTP insurance policy in Advisr is a simple step to help you regain control over your insurance. Advisr sends a reminder right to your pocket, at just the right time, avoiding those nasty fines, or worse yet, being uninsured in a collision. p.s. statistics say you should let any over 65s in your life know about Advisr too!   Note: for statistics used in this article

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