Advisr Insurance Broker Awards - Why Take Part

Advisr Insurance Broker Awards - Why Take Part

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Why nominate your favourite broker, colleague or yourself?

The Advisr Insurance Broker Awards are designed to recognise Australia's best insurance brokers and brokerages across 11 categories. Those who go above and beyond in being trustworthy and helpful insurance brokers. By doing this we can help raise and maintain the standard of insurance broking as an industry. The awards will include those who share insightful content and thought leadership through speaking and writing articles to help customers to understand insurance, get the most views and reviews online, and have the most professional profile on Advisr, LinkedIn and elsewhere online.

Three reasons to nominate

1. Increase trust and transparency in insurance

By rewarding and recognising the best brokers, we can encourage more great work and raise the standard of trust and transparency overall in the insurance industry. Those who win awards will get even more clients and exposure, helping more people and businesses.

2. Help small businesses stay afloat

Many small businesses fail early on. More business owners will get free access to expert knowledge on risk and insurance requirements the more we encourage thought leadership and expertise through blog articles, videos, podcasts.

3. Reward hard work

Boost the careers of hardworking brokers. Winning an award is a great accolade for both a broker and brokerage. Reward hard work by increasing the career prospects of a fantastic broker you know, or yourself if you're a broker! By rewarding hard work we can also encourage more of the same.

Let's shine a light on the insurance industry and show all the great work that gets done!

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