Customised Backgrounds

Spruce Up Your Profile: Add a Custom Background to Shine!

Why a Custom Background Matters:
A customised background on your Advisr profile can do wonders! It's like adding a personal touch to your digital presence. 

Here's why you should consider one:
  • Stand Out: Catch the eye of potential clients with a unique and visually appealing background that reflects your personality or brand.
  • Boost Credibility: A professional-looking background adds a touch of polish to your profile, making you appear more established and trustworthy.
  • Targeted Appeal: You can tailor your background to resonate with your ideal clientele. For example, a real estate agent might showcase a stunning local landscape.

Adding Your Custom Background:

Here's how to easily personalize your profile with a custom background on the Advisr dashboard:
  1. Log In and Access Profile: Head over to the Advisr dashboard and sign in to your account. Once logged in, navigate to your profile settings.
  2. Profile Tab and Upload Profile Card Background: Within your profile settings, look for the "Upload Profile Card Background" section. You can see any background cards you've added already or the default ones assigned to your profile.
  3. Upload and Choose Your Background: Click the "Upload Profile Card Background" button and browse your computer for your desired image. Note the optimal file size, 360x360 and 4MB max file size requirements, so ensure your image adheres to them for optimal display.
  4. Multiple Backgrounds and Selection: The beauty of Advisr is that you can upload multiple backgrounds! This allows you to switch things up and keep your profile fresh. Once uploaded, simply select your preferred background from the available options to activate it on your profile.

Add your Customised Backgrounds via your Dashboard

Enforcing a Brokerage-Wide Background (Optional):

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Add your Customised Backgrounds via your Dashboard

Enforcing a Brokerage-Wide Background (Optional):
For a cohesive and professional brand image, you can leverage a feature on the Advisr dashboard to enforce a single background across all your brokerage profiles. 

Here's why it's a great idea:
  • Consistent Branding: A uniform background ensures all your brokers present a consistent and recognisable brand identity.
  • Professional Look: A standardized background creates a more professional and polished appearance for your entire brokerage.
  • Client Recognition: Clients will instantly recognize your brokerage by its unique background, fostering brand recognition.

To enforce a brokerage-wide background, your brokerage profile account will need to select the "enforce to members" checkbox and save. 

By adding a custom background and potentially enforcing a unified look across your brokerage, you can elevate your online presence and showcase your brand with greater impact!

What customised background will you add?

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